Goodbye, 2011

Saturday, December 31, 2011
2011 felt like a rather fulfilling year for me. From someone who's dropped out of school without an aim, to being a beauty blogger and making new friends. I feel like I'm a step closer to my dream, even though it's still quite vague because I have no idea what I want to be, yet. I'm sure I'll find my dream and pursue it one day, and now I'll just continue my new found hobby of beauty blogging (:.

Looking back at this year, I realised that I've gain so much more than I've lost. I got a hobby, i made new friends, and i gained lots of experience from blogging - so much more than i felt like I did in school. I'm still keeping my secondary school friends like Yolanda and Charmaine close to me, but I'm really thankful for all the wonderful people I've met with in my slightly over a year of beauty blogging , thank you to everyone of you :,). (Also thank you to the wonderful sponsors and PR personnel that make an extra effort to be extra nice ^^)

I'm also very thankful for having B in my life, really. On Valentines Day 2012, We'd be together for 3 years, and we've been through a whole lot now. In 2011, we were together from you graduating to you enlisting, and in the future we'll be together for more events to come ^^. Thanks for always being there to support me in whatever I'm doing and giving me encouragement when I was down.

With a new year beginning, of course I'll be getting started on my new year's resolutions!

1. Improve my finance
I'm someone with a very bad habit of spending money, and mostly on food. Therefore, my resolution for 2012 is to save up money daily/monthly! Also, cross my fingers that I'll get a job soon :P.

2. Stay positive
I've always been someone who has a rather low self esteem (believe it or not) and I'd want to learn to trust myself more and be more positive as a whole! I've never been very confident of anything. I want to take charge of my life, and start making decisions for myself, and stop putting myself down! Self love yo.

3, Cleanse my life
I want to get rid of all the negative people in my life, and those people who always seem to pretend like they're all okay with you, but in fact they're badmouthing you at every possible chance when you turn your back. Poison 'friends', as I'd like to call them. Also, those people who befriend me with a motive, or just want to make use of me.... be gone!

4. Healthier Lifestyle
I want to start tuning my body clock back to normal and stick to a healthy (or at least healthier) lifestyle. Am thinking of starting to jog as well! Oh yes and start to drink a lot more water. That also includes eating well an sleeping well!

5. Pick up a new skill
I'm thinking of taking makeup classes or web designing classes. Anyone got good recommendations?

6. Incorporate more personal posts into my blog
Ever since I've gotten into beauty blogging, my blog has been lacking a touch of my personal life. I'm slowly trying to bring back my personal touch ;).

7. Be more organized
I have kept my blog organized (i even write down deadlines with my schedule book) and i want to keep my room organized as well. Gotta learn to declutter! And i have to learn to keep my room neat for more than a couple of days ~_~.

Well, that's probably all i could think of, haha. Ohwells, HAPPY 2012, (in a 12 hours) EVERYONE!


  1. Happy upcoming 2012 to u too! ^^ Hope u can fulfill your resolution! Keep up your good job on blogging!


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