Peripera My Colour Lips and Wonder Kiss Gloss

Sunday, January 1, 2012
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This weekend is Peripera weekend! Hahaha okay, kidding but yes, this is another Peripera review. 2 products technically, because when i tend to use both of these together. First up is the product which I loveeeeeee the most out of the whole bunch of Peripera products - Peripera's My Colour Lips in Pink Beige. Like i mentioned before, I got to choose the colours and I chose a soft pink-nude colour, which i absolutely love!

"Since the conception of this ethereal brand, Peripera’s lipsticks have taken center stage with their My Color Lips line being voted as the best-selling lipstick range in the top three on-line shopping malls in Korea, taking the beauty world by storm.Peripera’s My Color Lips has become the top must-have item for beauty addicts in Korea and has established itself as the No.1 selling product in the lipstick category. Based on internal sales data, 20,000pcs of My Color Lips were sold in three weeks since its launch in April 2011."

Impressive, I'd say. I usually read the press releases before i actually get/try the products, and now i know WHY the statistics are so impressive - because the lipstick is simply awesome. Okay, enough about me going on and on about why I really like this lipstick, here's my review so you'll all sell your souls to the Peripera My Colour Lips devil, heh.

I don't think i need to further elaborate on the packaging of this lipstick because it's beauty is shown in the pictures. I literally fell in love with the packaging because it's so girly with the lace and the intricate details. LOVE IT.
The whole lipstick is in a metallic pink 'tube' and the cap is a transparent-ish light pink with the beautiful lace details. The tube is chunkier than usual lipsticks. It also ends irregularly, which adds to the 'lace' effect.

The base of the lipstick has the Peripera brand, and the colour and code, and batch number of the lipstick is on the top of the cap.

The lipstick is really creamy and moisturizing, and gives a shiny finish such that it'd almost be like you used lip gloss as well. Even though it's a creamy formula, the lipstick isn't too soft and doesn't break apart when applying with too much force. However, since it is a creamy formula, it doesn't look good on dry lips, so do exfoliate the dead skin away! Swatches at the end of the post.

Although there really isn't a need to, i like to top it off with Wonder Kiss Gloss in Sugar Pink to give a pinkier + shimmer-ier + shinier finish. Just like the other Peripera products, this also comes with a beautiful packaging.

Just like the lipstick, this lip gloss is also chunkier than usual lip glosses, and is a longer tube as well. The applicator is just like usual lip gloss applicators, with a spongy/furry tip, and is slightly slanted

The lip gloss comes in a very pretty pink colour, and has bits of shimmer which just looks gorgeous on your lips. Especially when matched with the Pink Beige Lipstick. What i really like about the gloss is that it doesn't feel (nor look) sticky or oily. It's like the perfect lip gloss! That being said, again, make sure you exfoliate your lips because no products will look good on chapped/dry/chipped lips!

Swatches in different lighting (Pinkish nude colour is the lipstick while the pink colour is the lip gloss)

The bits of shimmer are so pretty!!

How it looks like on white background when i wiped it off with a makeup wipe.

Peripera products are available exclusively at Watsons stores. My Colour Lips retails for $19.90 each. Not too sure about how much the Wonder Kiss Gloss costs, will check and update.


  1. That's my favorite color of pink! :D Also, I don't know if your skin color bothers you, but, I'd kill to have such white radiant skin! How do you do it? D: Oh, and thank you for the tutorial~! x3

  2. @Keiti
    Welcome babe! I'd say keep you skin well hydrated and do lots of whitening masks :D


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