Short update + upcoming posts

Sunday, December 4, 2011
Sorry for the lack of updates this weekend! My weekends are now really precious cause B enlisted already and the only time i get to spend with him now are during the weekends~

Here's a rough list of the upcoming sponsored posts/review that I'll do.

Narcissus UV Brightening Essence SPF35★★★(Can't believe I still haven't done this review after getting it for 2 months! Sorry m(_ _)m)
CLIO Professional and Peripera Products
Dr G BB cream (+ mini giveaway)
Marina Blue Princess De Bourbon

Spent this weekend slacking and staying home, and also reminiscing hahah. I even dug out all (if not most) of our movie stubs! :3

Need to get back into the blogging momentum! ):


  1. I got more studs than u! I should take a photo and throw them soon!~


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