December Favourites

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
I know this post took long enough (because in another 2 weeks I'd be preparing for my Janurary Favourites), but it's finally up :P!

I wanted to include the Peripera products because after trying them out, I really like it. But i decided not to because I don't want to double post any favourites. So just to let you girls know that the Peripera products are one of my fav in December!

First up, its a shampoo that i got from Shunji Matsuo @ 313. Caretrico Type-S shampoo, which is for permed hair.

I really like the way it smells and that it cleanses my hair well without tangling it or weighing it down. Have been using it for a good while now, and as you can see I'm nearly reaching the midpoint of the bottle. It's a clear shampoo rather than the usual creamy type and lathers really well. Been trying a couple of L'Oreal Professional products that I'm sure will end up in my Janurary Favourites so stay tuned for more haircare products coming up!

Lucidol-L CMC Hair Make Supplement Treatment Oil (Orange/Perm)

I've previously reviewed and featured
the Pink CMC Oil for Straight hair, and this works nearly as well. I went to buy this after perming my hair and passed the pink one to my sister! Again, I'm currently trying another type of hair serum from L'Oreal Professional, and I'm pretty sure you'll see it here soon!

Naruko Raw Job's Tears Supercritical CO2 Whitening Mask

I received another batch of products from Naruko mid last month, but have yet to review them. I've not yet tried out the other products but I've tried this and REALLY REALLY love it! I'll explain and elaborate more on the review.

Princesse Marina de Bourbon Marina Blue

I'm really loving this scent and it has recently been my go-to scent whenever I'm going out. It has a really soothing scent that's the perfect balance of sweet and musky, love it!

That's about it for my December Favourites!

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