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Friday, January 13, 2012
Sponsored Giveaway
Hey girls! I'm back now and feeling alot better~ Just a way of compensating for my absence, I've decided to open up this giveaway earlier than i planned.
I'm sure you girls have already familiarised yourself with Luxola now, and from my previous giveaway I can see that some of you are really interested in the Deborah Lippman Nail Polish. Luxola is having a similar thing going on: A CNY Gift with Purchase over $50 (with products from Deborah Lippman and Sleek), and you can win one from here, ^^.

I'm wearing the nail polish here, colour Red Ruby Slippers and I absolutely adore it! 3 coats and it looks stunning~

Soooo, here's how you can take part in the giveaway!
1. Like Luxola's Facebook page and my Facebook page.
2. Follow me on GFC orTwitter and follow Luxola on Twitter
3. Comment on this post with the following
a) Facebook name
b) GFC/Twitter name
c) Your New Years' Resolutions and how you plan to keep to it.
d) Email address
That's all!

1. Please do not use multiple/fake accounts to take part in this giveaway. Anyone found doing so will be disqualified.
2. Make sure that reply to email will be prompt, and that you are able to travel to collect the prize. If email is not replied within 48 hours, another winner will be chosen.
3. Omission of any single criteria will make the entry void.
4. Giveaway ends 31st Jan 29th Feb, 11:59pm. Any entry later that submission time will be void as well.
5. Comments are moderated, so please do not spam if your comment doesn't show up immediately.
6. I reserve the rights to disqualify and change and/or amend the terms&co without prior notification.
7. Only entries that qualify will be published and will be published within 48 hours.
*Only open to those residing in Singapore.


  1. a) Facebook name: Neu Syhan Annabelle
    b) neusyhan
    c) New Years' Resolution is to stop dozing off in lectures! and i guess the best way to keep it is to sleep early eveyday.

  2. Thanks for holding the giveaway! This set from Luxola looks great!

    Facebook name: Xt Koh

    GFC name: xt koh / Twitter name: kxt_jan89

    New Year's resolutions: This year I hope to be healthier by exercising more and eating healthier food! I'll use my phone to-do list function as a reminder.

    Email address:

  3. a)Katrina Gor


    c)To maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising regularly.


  4. FB: Cindy Kho
    GFC: ladyck
    twitter: cindykho
    new year resolution:
    I want to have yearly family trip and I want to change my stubborn attitude.
    How do I plan to keep it?
    well, check with fam when they are free and do planning? and I'll always remind myself to listen to others before saying out my opinion?


  5. Facebook name: Carol Chua

    Twitter name: carolchua

    New Year's resolutions: This year, I hope to spend more time with my family members and not to take them for granted. How do I want to achieve this? I have planned to set aside at least 3 days a week to have dinner at home, as well as to organise a family vacation during the school holidays! :)

    Email address:

  6. Twitter: ingsmalik
    Facebook: Ingrid Novita

    My new year resolutions is to drink more water cause I hate drinking water and it's bad for my skin and body. I also want to focus more on my studies. How do I want to archive? I will try to take a sip of water ever 30mins or so and lock away my laptop on the weekdays so that I can stay focus! :D

  7. FB: Alexial Fang
    Twitter: it0909
    NYR: To get a job to pay for my Masters!
    How to keep it: Currently looking through the various job sites etc and not giving up! =D

  8. facebook name: serene tay
    new year resolution: to go on holiday with friends!!
    how to keep it: get a job as soon as i graduated

  9. FB: Sharon Ngo Hea Ming
    GFC: sharonnhm28
    New year resolution:
    Give my very best for my final semester, and land on a good job after I've graduated.
    How do I plan to keep it?
    I want to practice self-discipline by not studying last minute again, and revise my study regularly. As for my first job, I will seek advice from seniors, lecturers, and do my research on the companies I am interested in joining to ensure that I fits the job, and the job fits me too.


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