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Thursday, January 26, 2012
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Back in December last year, I received an email from Renaza Lifestyle (the company that sponsored me for the Elicina Snail Cream review) to review their Kimia Facial System (which i will be reviewing soon), as well as an enclosed invitation for me to go for a facial at one of their stores that are currently providing the Kimia Facial.

I decided to call them up and book an appointment about 3 weeks ago because my skin went havoc. My pores were clogged, i was breaking out especially around my forehead, and my skin was pigmented and dull so i thought it would be a perfect time to try out the facial. (That aside, i think the reason of it is my fringe so I'm gonna keep my fringe long again)

I made my appointment at one of their spas at Palais Renaissance, #03-01/02 (Medical Aesthetics Spa [UK]) in the afternoon. A 5 min walk away from Shaw House.

The place had a really modern yet cosy decor and feeling. It makes a person feel relaxed - exactly what you'd want when going for a spa treatment.

I was given a pair of slippers to change into before entering the individual rooms.

The room was dim-lit, and had a very soothing and cosy feel to it entirely.

On the massage bed, there was a robe for me to change into, and there was also a cabinet for me to put my belongings, clothes, and necklace into. Yes my bag is that hugeass.

The treatment started with an essential oil back massage (about 20mins or so) before i turned over to get my facial done. Boy, was that back massage good. The theraphist, Joey (if i'm not wrong), was really attentive and asked me throughout the whole massage whether the she was being too forceful, or if it was uncomfortable. I found this really special because I am super ticklish, and she made it a point to keep away from the areas that are. After the massage, a hot towel was used to wipe away the massage oil, and it did not leave my body feeling sticky/oily.

Following the massage, I turned my body over and we got started with the facial.
First up was the calming session. I was told to take deep breaths of the essential oil to relax myslf, before Joey started with the point massage and a light scalp massage.

My skin WITH makeup, before. Notice the little bumps on my forehead and the extreme pigmentation on some spots? Yes, my skin was that bad. Wait for it without makeup*stabs self*

Joey removed my makeup and double cleansed it to make sure it's squeaky clean!

Deng deng deng deng... the before pictures without makeup!!

The facial started offically with a chemical peel that was left on my skin for about 2 minutes. This removes the dead cells on the surface of your skin.

It felt a little tingly during the peel, but definitely bearable. The sensation will be stronger on areas that have dryer skin. It doesn't have much of a scent.

Then, the extraction portion of the facial. I have quite a high tolerance for this sort of pain, and found this extremely bearable, except for some parts that hurt a little.

Done with extraction (:!
After that, I got my brows shaped and got a pressure point massage done using the KIMIA Serum, followed with the KIMIA hydra-activator.

Serum was then applied to my eyes, and they were covered with cotton pads to cover my eyes before applying the rejumask. The mask is formulated specially for each individual and mine contained traces of tea tree. It felt soothing and minty, and has a very familiar smell of tea tree.

After about 10~15minutes, Joey returned to the room to peel off the mask for me and re-cleansed my face to get rid of any residue. After that, she applied skincare products for me, and i changed back into my clothes, and was served a cup of tea with biscuits.

Super yummy btw!

Here are the products used during the facial.

It is recommended that you do not put on makeup straight away after the facial to give your skin breathing space and not re-clog the pores and not that i found the need to because my skin was super glowy after the facial!

Here's how my forehead looks like after 2 weeks.

Most of the clogged pores went down, and redness is much improved. If i had the means to afford it, it will definitely be something that I will keep returning to do.

The KIMIA Facial uses products from SAMPAR, KIMIA, and Perhaps, all of which are available at There are 2 options for the facial, the Full Facial which I did took 90minutes and will cost $220, whereas the Face Facial without the back massage will cost $160. Call 68844993 to book an appointment!~

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