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Tuesday, January 31, 2012
If you're following my Facebook page, you'd have known that i recently got my hair re-dyed. I got it dyed around last week, at Salon Vim by Chez Vous which was located at 313.

I arrived at Salon Vim on a Thursday evening for the appointment and throughout my time there, the Salon went from having many seats available to completely filled.

Since it was my first time going to the salon, I was asked to fill up a form which will have my particulars and information about what treatment I've done (or am doing) for their records. Something like a clinic. This will help facilitate the stylists on what treatment/colour you've done previously because I'm sure that there are people like me that tend to forget! Also, it records your last visit, how convenient! (Be sure to book an appointment before going because the Salon is busy most of the time.)

My stylist was Ymond (senior stylist), and before the actual dyeing began, I had a consultation period with him. Initially I wanted to get a dip dye and I even had a picture to show him to let him get a better vision of the hair colour i wanted, but because my hair got quite thin after perming, he suggested to do the base dye and then highlight the ends instead of a full-on colour. I wasn't picky on the colour but i told Ymond that I preferred ash-y colours as opposed to reddish colours, and that he can just pick the colour that he thinks will flatter my skin best. He gave me a good recommendation and I went with it, and left the colour of the highlight entirely up to him because I was positive that i was in good hands.

My treatment (and i think dye as well) were done using L'Oreal Professionnel products.

Just like any dyeing process goes, my hair was sectioned and the dye was applied to my hair first. Ymond left the dye on for awhile before touching up my roots for me.

Ear guards to prevent the colour from staining my skin!

Adding dye to my roots.

The dye for my roots was left on for a shorter period of time and felt a little spicy (but definitely tolerable). It was then that i realised that my scalp is sensitive after Ymond told me so.

After washing out, its Goodbye to black roots!~

My highlights were actually achieved by using this product from L'Oreal Professionnel, which allows your hair/dye colour to be lightened up to a maximum of 5 shades. Similar to bleach, but not as harsh or strong because for those of you who bleaches your hair, you'd know that bleach can make the hair colour very very light.

And.. highlighting the ends and my fringe..

(Ymond is the one in red)

Unlike the "steamers" (i don't know the exact term for the machine) i've encountered previously, this didn't feel warm at all! Not that it wasn't working, but the heat was only in the area of the "helmet" and didn't scorch me in the least bit. What kind of sorcery is this!!

After washing the dye out, it's treatment time, with my hair wrapped in cling wrap again.

There are two types of treatments that are available for coloured/highlighted hair. I got the one for the coloured hair done.

Salon Vim provides a wide variety of treatments, from damage therapy to scalp treatments. Will probably be getting one done when i go back to get my roots touched up!

There are many perks for being a Salon Vim member (become a lifetime member at $50), some of which includes..

After that, i got my hair blown out and tonged. The only downside to the process is that my curls became really flat. Ymond did inform me of this prior to the dyeing process, but i said it didn't mind hahaha. Curls are really high maintenance!

Happy me with my hair beautifully done up!

I can never get my fringe so "pong" nor get my hair tonged like this, how come Ymond does it so easily ):!! Impossibruuuuu!

Here's a closer look for the colours~

Although Salon Vim might be slightly more expensive than other salons outside, I'm glad to say it's definitely worth that extra bit of money to pamper yourself (and your hair). The decor of the place is really minimalist and the salon is kept very clean. Plus, the earth tone colours made me feel very relaxed. My favourite part of the dyeing process was that the dyes that were used on my hair contained no ammonia (I doubt that there's anyone that likes the smell of ammonia), therefore during the treatment and when I left the salon, I didn't smell a tract of ammonia. For some reason, I really liked the smell of the dye/treatment that lingered on my hair hahaha.
I left the salon with nothing but praises to my sister who was with me throughout the whole 3 1/2 hours I was there for. One thing's for sure, I'm definitely going back there, because pampering ourselves once every month or two is something that everyone is definitely entitled to :P.

Salon Vim by Chez Vous is located at 313 Orchard Road, #04-07/08/09 313@Somerset. You can book your appointment or enquire at 6884 7757.

Thank you Salon Vim, L'Oreal Professionnel, and Vania (for helping me to book the appointment as well as getting my prize for me) for the opportunity to try the wonderful service offered by Salon Vim as well as experiencing the expertise of Ymond.

Disclaimer: I was not paid or am in anyway related to Salon Vim nor L'Oreal Professionnel and everything written is entirely from me.

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