January Favourites

Tuesday, February 7, 2012
Hey guys! I'm back after slacking off for a week and here's the first post for February - My January Favourites.
I've actually piled up quite a few reviews to do but I haven't got to doing them yet because I'm slacking at home in otaku mode *_*. Okay, moving along..

What tops the list for my January Favourites has got to be my recently purchased blush. I've been wearing it everytime I'm wearing makeup since I got it, and have no intention of changing it soon.

Sleek Blush in Rose Gold

Often known as the dupe for Nars Orgasm, this blush has a pinky colour with gold shimmer. I've been searching for a blush like this for quite awhile now and I'm very glad to say i made the great choice of buying this. The colour suits me perfectly and the way the finely milled shimmer hits and reflects the light is really flattering on the skin. Not too shimmery and gives my skin a nice glow. The blush is pigmented as well (you only need a little, and can build the colour) and lasts on my face all day! *inserts angelic music as i usher this into my holy grail list*

Next up is actually something that my sister gave to me, M.A.C's bronzing powder.

This colour matches my skin tone well, is easy to work with, and blends out easily on the face. I like to use it to contour my face and sometimes lightly along my nose bridge as well. The colour has a warm under tone.

Following that, Kose Seikisho White Mask (and ironically the mask is black..)

I remember previously when browsing for beauty products with Himeko and Tsuriki, i remember that Himeko told me that this mask is really good. It's a peel off mask that's supposed to help 'remove dirt and impurities to thoroughly clean skin and enhance translucency of your skin'. I for one am a big fan of peel-off masks simply because they're easier to remove (rather than washing it off you face which usually takes quite awhile) and you can see the pieces of dirt that's clogging up your pores on the mask after removing. What i really liked about this mask was that even though it doesn't hurt when peeling off, i can feel (and see) that my face (even tried it on B) is alot cleaner, and alot of the clogged pores that i never managed to get out using pore packs were out. The only down side is that it is a little pricey.

Skin79 Vital BB Cream
Will be reviewing this properly soon. This BB cream gives light~medium coverage which looks really natural on skin. Not to mention it has an SPF protect of 50PA+++!

NYX HD Photogenic Concealer

On days when I don't want to wear foundation/BB cream and have marks/redness that BB cream can't cover, this is my go-to concealer. It covers up everything well and blends into the skin almost seemlessly. Plus, it has a barely-there feeling which feels really nice on (or not) skin.

Foltene Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment
Will be reviewing this properly soon as well! Not only does it lengthen and thicken my lashes, it also holds my lashes' curls on days where i don't put makeup :3.

Skin79 Simple Touch Eyeliner

Again, will be reviewing this soon! This has been my staple eyeliner ever since i started using it last year. One thing about it is that the colour is not as pigmented as i thought it would be.

L'Oreal Professionnel Couleur Botanique and Richie Macadamia range

I can't even get started on how great both products smell. The reason they made it to my favourites list for Jan is because both products leave me leaving the bathroom with silky smooth hair - no kidding. Plus, the couleur botanique really refreshes the colour of my dye!

L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil

I don't even know where to begin for this hair oil. It smells great, is multi purpose, and leaves my hair sooooo smooth and managable! When my perms were still curly, I never did comb through them and ever since i started using this, this has been my solution to all my hair owes. Frizzy? Mythic Oil. Dry? Mythic Oil. Heat Protectant? Mythic Oil. UV Protectant? Mythic Oil. Tangled? Mythic Oil. Definitely a Holy Grail product!


  1. Can't wait for your Skin79 Vital review! I've been wanting to try it, but I need some more opinions on it! XD

  2. @dollyeye
    Stay tuned k babe ^^. Good buy if you're a whitening junkie like myself :P


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