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Saturday, January 21, 2012
*super lengthy post jam-packed with tonnes of information!
Early last week, I got invited to be one of the bloggers to attend L'Oreal Professional's very first bloggers' event. L'Oreal has many branches such as L'Oreal Paris, L'Oreal Dermo Expertise, and L'Oreal Hair Expertise. L'Oreal Professionel is the line that's exclusively sold at L'Oreal expert care salons, and are professional products like the brand name suggests.

I was running a fever earlier that day but it went down awhile before the event so i managed to attend it. Didn't take much photos (even though i got my hair beautifully styled after the presentation!! D:) that day.

Initially, when i got the invitation to attend the event, i thought it was only going to be the launch of one product, the Mythic Oil, and later found out that they had a few launched lines up. You will find out more about the products as this event post proceeds as well.

We were introduced to the different products and got to take a look at the texture of the products. L'Oreal was really generous to give us a full sized set of all the products that are set to be launched!

That's Ashley presenting~ She's going to have a Dragon baby this year, so, congrats!

Here is the generous door gift from L'Oreal Professionel for the bloggers to try out! Full sized new launch products.

I actually wanted to do the detailed description for each product but there'll be too much information so I'll split up the reviews separately. So this post will be just a brief writeup and explanation of the products.

The new launch consists of 7 different products, 2 of which are styling products, Mythic Oil serum, and 2 ranges of shampoo/treatment.
1. Mythic Oil
2. Richie Macadamia Shampoo
3. Richie Macadamia Mask
4. Coleur Botanique Shampoo
5. Coleur Botanique Mask
6. Bad Mud (Styling Clay)
7. Super Dust (Volumising Powder)

1. Mythic Oil (125ml, $42)

What it is:
Lightweight hair oil (serum) that contains two natural oils - avocado oil and grape seed oil that nourishes, disciplines, and illuminates all types of hair - even fine hair!
a)As a pre-shampoo - Apply on very dry hair before shampoo. Moisture will be retained and hair feels softer and stronger after wash. (Because most shampoo tends to strip the hair of natural oils)
b)As a blow dry protective oil - Use before blow-drying. Mythic Oil delivers smoothness, suppleness, and intense shine to the hair. The emollient texture facilitates the blow dry. Hair is instantly detangled, smooth, supple, soft and intensely shiny.
c)As an excellent finishing oil - Mythic Oil provides anti-frizz protection and softness. Used after hair has been blow dried and styled. It seals the look, illuminates hair, and prevents spilt and dry end, delivering frizz control.
d)For midday restoration - When your hair is in need of a reconditioning during the day, apply 2 or 3 pumps (around 4 for my length) to give it a quick fix.

Me getting my hair styled
One bottle delivers 4 uses, basically $10.50 for each use! I really like the fresh scent of the oil that isn't too overpowering. I hate to use oils that have a very strong smell and this is just right and not to mention super soothing. My hair felt amazing after Gary styled my hair for me that day after the presentation, and looks at thought i came out of the salon even when I use it myself. As you girls already know from my previous Sunsilk and Lucido-L serum reviews, I've always been a big fan of using serums.

Have an important event to attend or maybe a dinner date? You can try out the Mythic Blow Dry service available at L'Oreal Expert Care Salons. It is a service developed in 5 steps that provides hair with lasting hold, perfectly defined movement, and ultimate shine.

2~5. Shampoo and Mask

Just like the Mythic Oil, the two new ranges also contains natural plant oils. Plant oils are powerful nutritive and protective agents: rich in lipids and vitamins, they hydrate, soften, and form a protective film that prevents water contained in the surface of the hair or skin from evaporating, therefore preserving their moisture levels.
Both ranges are new additions into L'Oreal Professionel's Serie Nature brand. It is a brand that is positioned on the natural care market and that responds to women who are concerned about their environment, while maintaining stringent cosmetic standards. It also offers wonderful sensoriality with products inspired by the benefits of nature.

(2/3)Richie Macadamia

The Riche Macadamia shampoo is guaranteed sulfate-free. Sulfates are the cleansing agents generally used in shampoos. In the Riche Macadamia shampoo, the sulfates were replaced by gentler cleansing agents of plant origin. These cleansing agents create a rich form and gently cleanse the hair while respecting the hair’s lipidic film. This formula is more tolerant and doesn’t weigh down the hair.
The shell of the macadamia nut contains a kernel rich in oil, over 70%. Virgin macadamia nut oil contains 80% monosaturated fatty acids, including 63% oleic acid. Its rich content of palmitic acid also makes it an oil that prevents cellular oxidation. This anti-ageing action is one of its main uses. Macadamia oil has a restructuring effect that strengthens the film formed by lipids on the skin and hair and thus improves their hydration. It protects the cells, softens and soothes. Being extremely fluid, it is immediately absorbed and does not leave an oily film.

Macadamia Nut chocolate for us (:
I've tried this personally and i found that it lathers as well as normal sulfate shampoos, but without the overly-dried feeling after shampooing! Since my hair is permed, one of my worst fears has got to be my hair getting weighed down and this leaves it absolutely airy and light! For dry-er hair, Gary told me that you can use the mask like a conditioner!
I first heard of Macadamia when i had Macadamia Nut ice cream at Haagen Danz (however is it spelt) and i just thought of it to be a yummy nut. Little did i know that it can be used for cosmetic purposes.

(4/5)Coleur Botanique

Couleur Botanique to offer longer-lasting hair color protection using the most natural ingredients. Studies have shown that 55% of women worldwide have colored or highlighted hair and 64% of them go to the hairdresser to have their hair colored.
Linseed oil (or flaxseed oil) is used for its polymer properties on its own or to create resins and solvents when mixed with other oils. Rich in Omega-3, linseed oil also has many medicinal benefits. Linseed oil forms an aqua-protective film around the hair fibre that helps preserve radiance and color, day after day.
I have yet to try this, but i will after i get my hair dyed next week, and I'll do a post to review both ranges (:.

a)Macadamia Hot Fudge (15 minutes, for dry hair)
b)Botanical Varnish (10~15 minutes, for coloured hair)
What happens during this service is that you'll get your hair washed with the respective shampoos before the treatment mask is applied.
They'll add one sachet of cataplasme spruce powder to a spoonful of mask

Whip it

Until airy mousse is achieved!

The mousse feels light and airy in contrast to the soft and silky treatment mask

After the haircare portion, Jonathan took over and presented the two new styling products to us. They believe that super heroes are made; not born. Therefore, with the right products, we too, can have super-hero style.

6. Bad Mud (50ml, $30)

It has a 3/6 holding power, and i can't try it on B yet cause his hair has yet to grow out hahaha. Shall try to see if i can use this to hold my curls as well thou!

7. Super Dust (7g, $20)

*Sorry for the over exposed picture.
The powder is really fine and doesn't leave a white residue on dark hair when worked into the hair well (:. I have only tried using it during the event and i gotta say that it really does work. The only downside for this is that it gives a rather waxy/dryish feel afterwards, but i think it's normal for products like this to have that texture because it needs to create friction for the volume to stay.

And, here's how to use the 2 styling products.

All of the above mentioned products and services are available only at authorised L’OrĂ©al professional partner hair salons. For salon listing, please email lorealprofessionnel@sg.loreal.com

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