Peripera Flash Colour Eyes (Lilac)

Friday, January 20, 2012
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Amongst the big bag of CLIO Professional and Peripera products I received late last year, one of the product is the Flash Colour Eyes from Peripera.
Convenient, easy to handle and full of colors to suit every personality, Flash Color Eyes allows you to apply your eye shadow in a matter of minutes without the hassle. Retaining moisture in the eye area, Flash Color Eyes is especially good for sensitive eyes. The smooth, glide on texture gives you the easy task of blending in your eye shadow with or without the help of a brush. Choose from any of the easy to use 6 shades and give your eyes a treat.

I actually picked out mine in Gold but i received Lilac (lilac is a soft lavender-ish purple rather than the royal-purple types) instead. At first, i thought that i would end up not using this colour because although Purple is my favourite colour, I felt that it was a pretty hard colour to pull off. However, after trying it out, i realised that it is actually a pretty flattering colour for brown eyes. It does make my dark brown eyes appear brown-er as opposed to black-er.

Just like the previous Peripera products I received, the packing for the Flash Colour Eyes is impeccable. I just love how the brand incorporates all this beautiful lace details into their packaging.

The eyeshadow stick twists out, and is similar in appearance to those 'crayons' we used in Primary school that were super waxy.

A swatch under natural lighting. The top swatch is straight off the stick, while the bottom is after blending with fingers.

I'm sorry for the lousy swatch, but I'm pretty sure it's quite apparent that the shadow contains shimmer. I like to use this on my lids and blend it out sometimes to give it a soft wash of colour. Since it is quite shimmery, it becomes quite obvious when it creases (and this does crease a little if you don't use a primer prior to application) so I'd suggest you use a primer for your eyes.
Pigmentation wise, this eyeshadow stick doesn't give you as much pigmentation as compared to the My Colour Eyes Eyeshadow but slightly makes up for it for it's ease in application - even a beginner can't go wrong with this! The colouration is buildable to a certain extent, but the pigmentation of the shadow you see won't bypass what is shown on the eyeshadow stick.

*For those who want more colour on their lids:
Apply Flash Color Eyes onto eyelid area and blend with finger. Apply one more time followed by My Color Eyes for intense effect.

Peripera Flash Colour Eyes is exclusively available at Watsons stores and retails for $11.90.

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