Ace Liposome Renwal Whitening Serum Review

Thursday, February 23, 2012
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Yesterday i reviewed the 1st step for the Neogence Ace Liposome range, the Ace Intensive Whitening Lotion (go check it out if you haven't because it's a great buy). Today will be step 2, the Ace Liposome Renewal Whitening Serum.

When facing a full range of skincare products, there are times where you don't know which products to use first and when to use it. A rule of the thumb would be to go from the lightest/thinnest consistency to the heavier/thicker, and wait till each step gets absorbed entirely before applying the next, simply because that way, the products won't interfere with each other's efficiency.

Like the Viccal serum I've previously reviewed, this serum comes in a form of a dripper tube as well. I mentioned then that i really liked this type of packaging because it lets me control the amount of product i want really easily. In this case, 1~2 drips is enough for me to effectively apply to my entire face.

Serums tend to be richer as compared to lotions and moisturizers as they are more concentrated, so i only use this every other night or (a drop or less) when I need my skin to be more 'glowly' because it does brighten, radiate, and smooth the skin. There is only a slight sticky feeling (for about 5~10 seconds) before it gets absorbed into the skin. Yay for silky smooth skin after the serum!~

The texture of the serum is slightly thicker than that of the lotion as well. It has a very slight milky appearance, and smoothes over the face with ease. It literally glides onto your face and absorps very very quickly~. The product smells similar to that of the lotion, so no problem with the scent for me.

The Ace Liposome Renewal Whitening Serum retails for $67.90 for 30ml, which I personally feel is pretty reasonable for a price of a serum targetted at working adults. I'm sure that many of the serums easily go up to $80~$100+. Again, this is exclusively available at SaSa outlets islandwide.

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