Neogence Ace Intensive Whitening Lotion Review

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Sponsored Review
I've previously mentioned that i was sponsored by Sasa to review the full range of the Neogence Ace Liposome products, and here today is the review of the whitening lotion~

Vitamin A+C+E will at the same time renew, brighten, and combat aging
Ellagic acid + Chamomile effectively represses melanin processes, brightening skin tone
Hydrates, conditions skin texture, and effectively enhances absorption of active ingredients

The lotion is housed in a white plastic bottle with orange and black accents. It sorts of look like those products you'd get prescribed from a doctor, quite a clinic-y packaging. The box also has a picture of how the product looks like so that you know what you're getting. I hate it when i buy a product with a huge box thinking that it's gonna be a big tube/bottle but it ends up mostly in plastic.. #bummer.

Sorry for the blurred words at the edges. Since it is a round bottle, this is the best that I am able to do...

Refreshing and Reactivate Sebum Mechanism
Promote Follow-up Effective Ingredient Absorption
Block Melanin Formation and Dark Spot

Basically what this does is that it preps your skin for better absorption of further skincare products, and works to effectively boost the other products in the range. Sort of like an 'activator' or primer.

The top of the bottle features a normal bottle cap, and the product dispenses from this tiny tapered hole. It allows me to effectively control the amount of product I'd like to dispense onto my palm or cotton pad.

Generally in bodycare, when you heard of the word "Lotion" you'd be thinking creams and body butters, and the likes. As for skincare, lotion is a form of "toner" in my book. The Ace Intensive Whitening Lotion has a water-like texture and application on the face is easy as a breeze because it absorbs quickly without a sticky/oily feeling. In fact, my skin feels well hydrated, taunt, and smooth after application! My skin also looks more healthy, brighter, and definitely smoother~

Like I mentioned earlier, you can use this by directly applying it onto your skin or with a cotton pad to your preference. I use it directly if I wasn't wearing makeup before that and with a cotton pad if I was. A few drops (2~4 depending on skin condition) is enough to cover my entire face and neck area.
I'm not sure of the scent but there seems to be a light whiff of chamomile while is really soothing and relaxing. From the way this lotion works, it seems to be a good mask-essence for self-soak mask sheets as well.

Neogence Ace Intensive Whitening Lotion retails for $26.90 for a 120ml bottle, and is exclusively available at Sasa stores islandwide.

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