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Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Being the usual me, I was online till late last night and I noticed that Sigma has launched a new product!! I've already had my eyes set on the Mrs Bunny brush set but haven't got to buy it yet, and now this comes along.. If i had even just a little less self control, all my $ will be going to Sigma T___T

So they just launched a new kit, to be used with their Cleansing&Polishing Tool, which is the new Spa Solutions.

The kit has 3 different heads for use on the body with the Cleansing&Polishing Tool

Soft Brush



If you don't already own the Cleansing & Polishing tool, they have the Spa Solutions Complete Kit for you as well, which contains both the Cleaning&Polishing tool and the Spa Solutions kit.

My only complaint is that Sigma should give a discount (or free shipping) to those who has already previously bought the Cleansing&Polishing tool because this will cost us an extra $9, and an additional shipping cost as compared to if we were to have waited for the complete kit to come out.. Ohwells~ Will you be getting your hands on this?

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