Skin79 Vital BB Cream Review

Monday, February 20, 2012
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Before Chinese New Year this year, I had actually received a festively packaged package from Skin79, which contains their newly launched (at then) Vital BB Cream and their very first eyeliner - the simple touch eyeliner.

I've briefly covered the product previously as well as featured it in my January Favourites last month. So as promised, here's the full review.

The BB cream is housed in an orange cylindrical pump bottle, just like their Hot Pink BB Cream and the VIP Gold bottles, just that this is in orange. It retails for $49.90 (40g) which I believe is more expensive that the latter 2 due to its ingredients and higher SPF as compared.

This BB cream not only improves (reduces) the appearences of wrinkles, it whitens as well over time (yay!). That is however, not enough. It takes it a notch further and prevents wrinkles and sun damage by implimenting the SPF50 PA+++ factor.

I fairly like the packaging of the bottle simply because it's a lovely colour that brightens up my vanity. A pretty good way to start the day. The size of the bottle gives a pretty good grip in my hands as well. The pump however, tends to dispense way too much product so a light tap is a good way to dispense the product, then build and pump out more if needed.

More information: (If you need any missing bits that are blocked by the reflection of the light, do let me know!)

My favourite way to apply BB cream is to actually use my fingers because BB creams tend to be thicker and warms up better (and thus makes application and blending easier) on your fingertips better than the bristles of a brush or the surface of a sponge.

Even though I've already stated that I'm a big fan of pumps, I kinda love/hate this pump because not only does it tend to dispense way too much product at one go, it dries along the sides of the tube. I usually clear it before pumping with a toothpick covered with a little bit of cotton wool or tissue.

The BB cream is of quite a thick texture, even thicker than that of the Hot Pink and VIP Gold one.

It gives light to medium coverage, but is not enough to cover blemishes on my skin, and gives a good glow and evens out the skin tone. This BB cream is quite reflective (but contains no shimmer) and gives a dewy rather than matte finish (possibly due to the SPF 50), but it is suitable for oily~combination skin types as well. I'd usually prefer to use this as a tinted moisturizer by dilluting it out with my moisturizer so that it doesn't wash me out, because it does have a tad bit of grey tint due to how light the colour is. While using, i can feel that my skin gets a little taunter as well~
It blends easily with no problem, but do blend it slowly and in light layers for the best coverage and take your time. It doesn't blend as easily when you dab on a huge amount and try to smear it all over your face. Of course, dabbing motions around areas that need more coverage will help (:.

Skin79 Vital BB Cream retails for $49.90 at Watsons stores. Do like their Facebook page if you have more enquiries that i may not be able to answer or to find out more about their products (:.


  1. Are you going to review the simple touch eyeliner too? =)

  2. Thanks for the review, I've been looking into BB creams for a while now. :) x

  3. @XT Koh
    Yes dear, I will. Stay tuned for it (:.
    Welcome babe ^^

  4. Thank you for this review! I've been waiting for it! Compared to the Hot Pink and Gold, which one would you choose (if you have used the other two)?

  5. @dollyeyed
    Welcome babe! Sorry for the wait~ I haven't tried the other two so I can't make an accurate comparison, but I've heard that the Gold one is more moisturizing as compared to the Hot Pink. I'm guessing this is somewhere in between? Sorry for the vague answer but i hope it helps!

  6. The swatch shows a yellow undertone to it, way better than the Pink bb cream with strong greyish colour. But both still look promising!

  7. @Angie
    Yup, it's actually more of a beige undertone but i shows up a little grey on skin because it's quite light. Hope this clarifies any doubts! (:


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