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Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Leading the hectic lifestyles that most people lead nowadays, having the time to do up your hair perfectly or going to a salon is probably a dream. Even after the best salon treatments, over time, hair starts to lose protein and strength. Tiny cracks appear, which widen, and allow free radicals to penetrate. In time, the results of salon treatments fade entirely. Notice how you'd always come out of the salon with beautifully treated hair, and it reverts to the disaster after a few days/weeks? Been there done that!

Sunsilk came up with a new brand - Keratinology, which uses Keratin (I'm sure you'd have heard of soooo many treatment that uses keratin, which is a type of protein that is the fundamental building block of hair) and pico technology (a pico sized particle is 1000x smaller than a nano sized particle, which will increase absorption rate of products) to help prolong the effects and appearance of salon treated hair. This enables them to penetrate deeper into the hair fibre, providing your hair with intense nourishment from deep within.

I was invited by The Sample Store to attend this event as I learnt more about the brand and it's products.

Tiphanie and I! I didn't look good in much pictures that day because my face was sooo bloated from the lack of sleep. This is already one of the better pictures D:.

The event kick started with a presentation from Shawn to educate us more on the brand and its products.

For the previous Sunsilk event i attended, he was also the presenter. He is in charge of both Sunsilk and Keratinology (:.

Keratinology has come up with 3 ranges of products to help effectively with maintaining that beautifully treated hair until your next (suggested) salon visit.

Advanced Reconstruction Program: Recover 1 year of accumulated damage in 5 days for total hair metamorphosis.
The full range consists of:
• Detoxifying Shampoo - This cleansing formula works in harmony with salon treatments to gently remove residues and prepare hair for full reconstruction.
• Express Treatment Conditioner - A next generation in hair nourishment penetrates deep inside the hair fibre to reconstruct from within, repairing, intensely nourishing and sealing lifted cuticles to help protect against future damage.
• Hair Spa Mask - Penetrates through 3 layers of the hair fibre to reconstruct and seal cuticles for stunning salon-like smoothness and shine.
• Overnight Reconstruction - Intensive 8 hour action. Recovers up to 1 month of protein loss in just 1 night. Light-weight, no residue formula does not need to be rinsed off. Reconstructs while you sleep for beautiful hair when you wake up.
• Heat Protector Spray - Advanced thermo-protective formula helps repair porous damaged hair, preventing against breakage and frizz as you style for a professional look. Total protection for more resilient hair and expert style.
• Dual Treatment Shots - Two applications with pico-nutrients and keratin for severely damaged hair. 1st dose: with concentrated protein, penetrates deep into the core of the hair fibre. Leave it for 3 minutes and rinse off. 2nd dose: with pico-nutrients, seals the cuticles of the hair. Do not rinse off.

I've tried all of the Advanced Reconstruction programme and I'm glad to say that it's up to my expectations. It smells really great and my hair feels less frizzy after wash. My favourite products has to be the heat protector spray because it mists the product evenly instead of those sprays that just sprays out large drips of liquid and the hair mask because it works soooo well (+ very cheap for such a big tub)!

Korean Bounce Therapy: Breathe life back into your curls to maintain gorgeous bounce and sublime softness.
The full range consists of:
• Bouncy Curls Therapy Shampoo - Wake up to salon beautiful curls, day after day. This cleansing formula gently removes residues and cares for your curls from the very first wash. Stimulates the hair follicles & hair fibre, hydrating each curl from the root to the tip. Restore the cracked hair to its former glory
• Express Treatment Conditioner - Intensity of a treatment with the speed of a conditioner for intense nourishment and longer lasting salon curls Stronger and more resilient, lively curls.
• Curl Definition Mask - Penetrate through 3 layers of the hair fibre for deep nourishment and longer lasting salon curls.
• Overnight Treatment - This feather light, non-sticky formula targets the weakest part of your hair, the tips, to intensively nourish overnight and help define your curls. Reconstructs curls while you sleep for beautiful bounce when you wake up.

Sun-Kissed Therapy: Next generation nourishment to prolong vibrant color & mirror-like shine
The full range consists of:
• Colour Therapy Shampoo - Get luminous salon color for longer, starting with this cleansing formula which gently removes residues and protects colored hair.
• Express Treatment Conditioner - The intensity of a treatment with the speed of a conditioner. The conditioner nourishes and smoothes hair, helping retain colour for longer. Hair is restored from root to tip.
• Glossy Mask With Salon Hair Wax Benefit - The unique product formula penetrates through 3 layers of the hair fibre to protect your colour. Beautiful, healthy and glossy hair as if you had a salon hair wax!

At first glance, you'd most probably be like me "Which range should I use?" right? It's a dilemma because nowadays, most people have coloured and damaged hair. And if you're like me with permed hair, all 3 ranges supposedly applies to me, so..which to use? (Guys, if you're still thinking of what to buy as a present for your haircare junkie girlf, get her to do this quiz and surprize her with the products! :P)

If you are an iPhone or Andriod user, Keratinology has an app that can help you find the products that are most suitable for your hair condition. Simply search for Keratinogram by Sunsilk and download it.

It's a free app and personalizes your hair’s needs and specific salon treatment to provides a unique program of product recommendations and information to keep your salon-treated hair looking beautiful for longer.

Simply fill in the form, and the app will customize a regime to suit your hair condition, and lets you know which products to buy and use!

But wait, there's more! Want to win a trip to Korea, Hong Kong, or a Tiffany&Co Disc Charm? Here's how!~

Like Keratinoloy Singapore Facebook Page and click on the contest tab on the left to enter! The contest is solely based on votes so gather all your friends to vote for you and you can be winning the great prizes! Good luck xoxo.

Ending off with pictures of food!


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