Valentine's Day + 3rd Anniversary

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
B and I celebrated our Valentine's Day + 3 year anniversary earlier this year (last Saturday) because since he is currently serving his National Service, we figured that he'd be in camp on the actual day.

Since he was only able to book out on Saturday morning, he headed home before coming over to fetch me hehe. I told him I didn't want a bouquet because it was unnecessary since he just gotten me one (+ breakfast in bed!) the week before!

I was still in the middle of preparing when he arrived (as always) and then... he surprised me with a Coach carrier that he was hiding behind him!! And he got me this beautiful wallet!!!

I remember that previously when we were on a date, I was telling him about this wallet that I showed to my mum to buy for me (which she didn't) because my wallet was quite badly used up. So he brought me into coach and he picked up the exact same wallet i was talking about (when i didn't even tell him how it looks like). It isn't cheap so I really didn't expect (nor did i want) him to buy this for me, so this really came as a surprise because he's usually quite frugal and won't spend so much on himself!

I quickly changed wallets and took the time to quickly post a picture of it on Facebook~

We then just headed off for lunch at Pasta de Waruku and B bought me a beautiful rose (which is now withering) and went over to Bugis to get the members' card from B's mum for the steamboat buffet we were going to have for dinner.

While we were loitering, I figured that since we haven't taken Neoprint pictures together, why not? Soooo i dragged him into one of the big-eye machines LOL.

Then we headed over to Kino cause i wanted to take a look at Japanese magazines. Thanks to Clara (aka dblchin)'s influence! I ended up getting Coach's 70th anniversary catalogue which came with this beautiful (and super big) pouch that I will definitely get alot of use out of!

Picture credits to google
Super pretty right? Good buy! Melikes, alot.

Okay so then we headed over for dinner at The Buffet @ Hotel M. Didn't take pictures... ):.


On the actual Valentine's Day (which was yesterday), B got to book out for about 3 hours and I went over to Jurong Point to have dinner with him. We settled for Bakerzin which we initially planned to go because there were long queues at restaurants everywhere ~_~. Queued for a good 45 minutes!!

In the queue!~

I caught a picture of him showing his teeth so i whitened them.. look like toothpaste advertisement anot!

My loverboy with his OCS collar pin (:. 8 more months to go baby!

I ordered the Vongole Linguine with White Peach Sparkly Tea (which tasted just like Peach Tea..) while B had Aglio Olio with Bacon, Ham and Mushroom toppings with Grapefruit soda. We ordered a Banana Split to share as well (which i did't take a picture of).

It was priced quite reasonably (sans the drinks) and the quality of the food was higher than we both expected. Will definitely be going back there again (:.

That's about it for my Valentine's Day + 3rd Anniversary! Hope you guys enjoyed yours as well!


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