Neogence Ace Liposome Ace Renewal and Repairing Mask

Thursday, February 16, 2012
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I'm sure that alot of you have often heard the advantage of having oily skin, which is that you don't show signs of ageing (roughness, wrinkles, loss of firmness) easily as those who have dry skin. It's quite simple really - the 'oil' or sebum creates a sort of 'barrier' that prevents moisture to be lost from the skin as easily as compared to that of dryer skin types. However, clinic studies has found out that oily skin has poor absorption rate in skincare products.

Because of the slow metabolism for this skin type, making the structure of epidermal cells irregular and disorganized and in return the excess sebum secretion make the old and dead skin cells stick up on the skin surface, leading to the poor absorption ability. If no remedial action is taken, even thousands bottles of precious skincare products are being used, the result of anti-aging protection would be limited.ACE series aims to effectively release skin from dullness and roughness, darkness and restore skin firmness.

I was recently sponsored by Sasa (thanks to Kiyora dear) the full range of Neogence's brand new Ace Liposome range. The word 'Liposome' is derived from Patent Liposome® Conduction Technology, which increases ingredient penetration by 300%. The range is actually developed for this type of oily/combination skin types which targets to "Restructure and Renew" the skin, and i will be reviewing the products bit by bit. Today's review will be on the Ace Renewal and Repairing Mask.

A box contains 3 pieces of mask, and retails for $22.90. It isn't really the cheapest product out there, but it is to target skin from probably around the 20's to 40's (not to sure on this) so i think the price is fairly reasonable for working ladies, who can definitely afford it as other highly advertised brands are way more expensive.

Lets face it, we all have skincare woes, and parts of our skin we're unhappy about. And, its not like we can easily hide out whole face behind a mask..

This mask contains..
a) Vitamin A+C+E microemulsion essence for 15minutes of intensive repairing
One of the main product used in the whole range of Ace Liposome is Vitamin A because it works on the deeper eperdemis, underlying layers of skin to renew, restructure, and metabolize old skin cells, thus improving absorption. of Vitamin A, C, and E helps in skin renewing, lightening, and contains anti-oxidants.
b) Peptide wrinkle-smoothing factor Matrixyl™3000 effectively reduce wrinkles
This i couldn't really judge because I don't have any wrinkles to test on..

Always start off with a clean face.

I started off before skincare as I was afraid that the mask might be way too rich if i had skincare products prior to applying it. It was a good choice because after I removed the mask, my skin was so well hydrated I didn't need to apply my skincare (:. [Am currently using the Ace Liposome range as well]

Then happily whip out your mask. I'm someone that has sensitive skin so i don't usually put the mask in the fridge before application unless I have a sunburn on my face or the weather is really warm. You can choose to do so it you like.

The mask is made out of a super conducting fiber material and is very thin. It is enclosed between a plastic sheet and a blue fiber sheet. Unfold the mask and remove the plastic sheet first. Following that, fit the mask onto your face and remove the blue sheet. This is to ensure that you don't rip the mask during application, and is commonly used for thin mask sheets as such.

The mask doesn't have much of a smell to me, but if it does it is definitely something tolerable/nice smelling. The material is very thin - such that I'm still able to see the redness/blemishes on my forehead, but not as silky smooth as I am used to. This however, enables me to go about doing my usual stuff without worrying that the mask might come off. There are tiny holes in the material of the mask, and the mask comes with eye flaps as well for those who like a take a short nap with their masks.

Fit of the mask is good as well. Since the mask is pretty light, i had no problems with adjusting it onto the contours of my face.

If you're someone like me that can't stay still while doing a mask, this mask lets me do my own things at ease. For example..

Snacking? Just make sure it's nothing that requires vigirous mouth action.

Goofing off~

Take pictures of yourself taking pictures of yourself~

Or simply using the laptop.

Be sure to keep track of the time so that you don't over apply the mask!

After masking, some people prefer to wipe off the excess essence while I personally prefer to massage it into my face. Don't forget your neck area as well! The essence absorbs really quickly and by the time i woke up tomorrow, there was no residue on my skin.

My face felt smooth and velvety soft after the mask, and my skin looks very transulscent and radiant. Since i have combination~oily skin, i found that the mask was a little too moisturizing for me around my T-zone because i woke up with my T-zone a tad (really just a little) oily. That being said, my skin didn't break out from this mask so I won't mind to continue using it.

If you're wondering where can you check out or purchase this range of products (which I really love and highly recommend because I'm using it now..) do check it out at SaSa stores because Neogence ACE Liposome is exclusively available at SaSa stores, so you won't be able to find it anywhere else~

Neogence ACE is running a 10% introductory discount! Receive one piece of ACE RENEWAL & REPAIRING MASK worth $7.60 when you buy any Neogence product from SaSa! *while stocks last
Mark down your calendar on the 17th and 24th February as SaSa ( will be holding NEOGENCE ACE MASK giveaway and promotion exclusively for SaSa fans!

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