Talika Cream Booster Review

Friday, February 17, 2012
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About a month ago, I received an interesting gadget from Talika to review. I've always been keeping a look out for beauty gadgets after I've gotten my Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool because not only do beauty tools make things easier, the technology that goes into them gives better results as compared to the old days. (Brushes are a form a makeup tool as well!)

I've previously covered the Talika Cream Booster Media Event and was really interested in the product because of the light therapy and NASA technology. Since it's using light therapy, the chances of any allergic reactions are probably all ruled out.

The Cream Booster is housed in a beautiful mint green (almost Tiffany&Co's colour) box that's basically self explanatory. I hate those products that come in boxes that don't give you any information at all! Security seal as well~

The contents of the box.

Comes with (and the cream booster operates on) a single AAA battery, the cream booster (duh), and an instruction/information booklet.

Starting up the product is really simple, you just have to twist off the cap, put the battery in, and twist it shut. You'd also notice there isn't an off/on button, but I'll explain that in a bit.

There is a protective cover on the product head as well.

The gadget has a really sleek and light design, which allows you to use it with ease. At the back (or front) of the product, there is a silver panel with the Talika brand on it. The reason why there isn't an off/on button is because the cream booster turns off/on with touch sensors. The cream booster will only turn on it both the Silver panel and the product head is in contact with skin. Smart idea aye?

While the product is on, there will be yellow lights flickering and a soft vibrating motion to massage your skin.

I've been using the Cream Booster twice daily after skincare, and I got to say that i can see that my skin did indeed get more radiant (maybe because of the vibrating massage as well). I prefer to use this after my skincare products get absorbed because if i use it directly on the product, I find that the sensor at the head of the product sometimes and blocked and does not sense as well, even though it is recommended that I apply a fair amount of your Skincare before the application of Cream Booster instead. I found that my skin also felt smoother and firmer after use, even though my skincare product is not for firming, that's because the gadget stimulates collagen production.

As for the price.. this is definitely not the cheapest gadget out there. However, if you can well afford it and are really spending a good amount of money of your skincare product, I will definitely recommend this. Say if you're using a good $200 of products, why not take it a notch up and let it work its best for you?

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