Aromatherapy and Makeup Workshop with Pro Academy

Thursday, March 22, 2012
Last week, I was invited to attend an Aromatherapy and Makeup workshop with Pro Academy. The Academy is located at 75 Tras Street, #01-01 Singapore 079014, which is around the Tanjong Pagar area.

Just a little background on Pro Academy:
"Established in late 2010, PRO Academy was born through synchronous events that led a team of inspiring professionals to come together with a common vision and that vision was to establish a world-class academy where knowledge and skills are imparted to those who aspire to become professionals in various beauty, aesthetics and wellness disciplines.
Committed to providing students with the highest quality training both nationally and internationally, PRO Academy offers a variety of certificate and diploma-level courses in all aspects of beauty, nail, make-up and bodywork disciplines."

We started the workshop early in the morning, and we were first brought around the establishment for a tour of the academy by Sabrina.

They have different areas for the different types of workshop/courses, and are currently in the midst of getting into hairstyling courses as well.

They also carry a few professional brands of skincare and makeup products (and accessories) that you can purchase at the academy.

Check out the array of makeup - WANT!

We then headed back into the 'lecture' area where we began the workshop. The workshop started with introductions to aromatherapy, and the contents ranged from the different types of essential oils, to the uses, as well as how to differentiate the high and low quality oils. (I'm not going to reveal the full contents so if you're interested, you can go check out more about the workshop and attend it to get the hands on experience ^^)

There are many different types of essential oils, and one of the most expensive is Rose (Which i mentioned before in the post for another essential oil workshop.) which costs roughly $20 PER DROP. One of the oils with the most uses is Lavender.

We also got to make our very own personalised essential oil serum to bring home. (I have been using this for the past few nights and I really like the way it smelt and absorbed onto my skin. You guys can find out the formulation of my serum in a bit!)
Ingredients for making the serum..

I made the recipe for combination skin! It smells like Rose because there is an essential oil that smells similar to rose - Geranium - in it.

Measure 10ml of the medium oil (in this case it's the scentless Sweet Almond Oil)

Pour into the provided 15ml bottles..

Add the essential oils according to the recipe

Put on the cap, and the mix it up well (tilt the bottle back and forth)

Check out the other bloggers in action! Everyone's so engrossed in their serum making~

And tadaaaaaah! My 'masterpiece'

That was the end of the aromatherpy workshop. After that, we had a short break for lunch before starting with the makeup workshop.

Makeup time~

I didn't have much of a transformation because I used the same pairs of eyelashes that I went to the workshop with, but i never expected to be able to pull off such strong eyeshadow colours! I just levelled up my makeup skill :D.


Green on top and red at the bottom!

For more information, email to info(at)

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