Watsons x Blackmore's Health & Beauty Workshop

Tuesday, April 3, 2012
With the advance in the different technologies, achieving beautiful and radiant skin is no longer solely attainable with skincare or makeup. I'm sure there are many beauty junkies that are looking into the different beauty supplements as well. One of these supplements are like the Life Nutrition ones I've mentioned previously, which not only aids in health, but also has benefits to your skin.

I was invited to attend the Health and Beauty workshop held by Watsons and Blackmore at Cookyn Inc with a few other fellow bloggers. I met with Irene before that and we headed over together (:.

Presenter of the day: Monitar (I hope i didn't get the spelling wrong!)

Little snack during the presentation

After the presentation, we got to cook our own healthy meal! Apart from those food that we made, we also got to enjoy the food prepared for us by the staff at Cookyn Inc, which were delish!

Tiph, Kiyora, and Verlyn!

After the hands-on cooking session, we sat down to enjoy the wonderful meal that awaited us, lol!

We each got to take home 2 month's worth (2 boxes) of Blackmore's Radiance Supplement to try out. I've just started on the supplement, and I failed after day 3 (LOL) so I am restarting it soon! It's best to be consumed after meals, one of the day and one of the night pill to be taken daily. (If you forget to take the day pill, you can always take it at night with the night pill since they contain different ingredients, there is a lower chance of overdosage). Of course, don't expect immediate results, it is said to take a good 1 month before any visible results can be seen. The only thing I dislike about the pill is that, apart from being quite big (which will make it hard for some to swallow), the smell of the capsule is quite strong as well. Not that I can taste it, but the smell gets to me sometimes.
Each box contains 56 capsules (approx. 4 week supply, 28 for day and 28 for night) and the supplement will be available at Watsons and leading pharmacies and will retail at $123/box.

Picture shows contents of one box.

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