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Saturday, April 7, 2012
Hey girls! Back with a quick tutorial and to share with all of you lovelies some great promotions as well as a chance to snag up one of 10 $100 Sasa hampers. Read on to find out more (:.

In conjunction with their 34th Anniversary, Sasa has launched a photo competition for bloggers to create looks using Sasatinnie products! I'm one of the bloggers selected to take part in this contest.

I was sent the following Sasatinnie products (exclusively available at Sasa since this is their house brand!) to aid in creating my "Sasatinnie look".

Colours labelled for easy visualisation for the tutorial! Here are the products used for the entire look. My look was more about the eyes (the colours aren't very prominent because I have little lid space and they are slightly hooded) so I'll only very briefly go through the rest of the face.

Highlighter on the top of the cheek bones, mixed the other 2 blushers for the blush colour on the apples of the cheeks, then blending the colour upwards along the cheek bones.

I used the soft pink colour on the left for my lips.

For the eyes:

A quick tutorial with visualisation!

Apply shadow B all over eyelids, then apply shadow C to cover 1/2 to 2/3 or the eyelid from the back of the eyelid. Following that, apply shadow D onto the outer most 1/2 or 1/3 of the eyelid. Use any dark brown eyeshadow for the small V or O shape right at the corner of the eyes. After that, blend the pink onto the outer V of the eyelid, and blend the edges out and the end into the brown. Apply the burgandy liner and use the black liner to elongate the eyes starting from the outer half. Apply false lashes (I’m using Dollywink No.2). Key thing for the look to look natural: Blend blend blend!

Apply shadow A in the inner corner to highlight, and the apply colour B to the first half of the lower eyelid starting from the inner corner. Apply shadow C to the middle 1/3 of the lower eyelid, and use the pink eyeshadow for the outermost corner. Blend the pink until it meets with the brown on the top lid. Apply false lashes (Dollywink No.14)

Here's my end look! You can vote for my look DAILYhere, or just click the picture below. (do note you'll have to allow the app and it will prompt you to like Sasa's Facebook page if you haven't already)

Here's how you can stand a chance to win the $100 Sasa hampers! Just vote for my look and comment on why you like the look to be eligible! If I win, 10 lucky commenters that voted for me will get to each win a $100 Sasa hamper!!

Also, check out Sasa's 34th Anniversary Promotion! ((:


  1. Babe you should do a video!! Picture too complicated alrdy!~

  2. @Clara
    I'm not good with videos thou! I think I look funny in them ):

  3. Hi!

    I voted for you as I love the overall look you created. It looks natural and effortless and pretty at the same time. I especially like the dewy complexion and lovely eye makeup.

  4. @Pei Ling
    Hey babe, comment on the voting page (:

  5. I think you will look fine la dear :)

  6. did you took the eye picture using the Casio camera? if yes, ok, they are awesome! anyway, love reading your blog! you are so pretty! i would not surprise if you be a famous blogger! keep it up!

  7. @Sabrina
    Hahah no babe, didn't have the camera yet. Thanks so much! :,)


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