The camera with a Twist - Casio Exilim TR150

Monday, April 9, 2012
Hey hey hey girls (and guys)! If you're following me on Twitter, you'd have seen my tweets regarding the #CasioSG #ExilimTR150 camera that I picked up on the 4th to review!
(I was so bummed that the only colour available for us was White, but honestly it looks pretty decent! Definitely a looker, no matter what colour it is)

As compared to my current camera, I feel that the TR150 is extremely light and slim (the size of it is nearly identical to that on an iPhone 4/4s) and it makes self shots a whole lot easier without having to compromise for camera quality. (Y'know how phone's front cameras are always of lousy quality?). Not only does the camera capture shots up to 12.1megapixels, it also records videos in Full HD (1080px). For ones that love experimenting with their camera, this also has HDR, HDR Art, and panorama mode.

Comes in White, Pink, Red (which seems to look amazingly like hot pink), and retails for $449.

I've been trying out the camera for the pass few days) and I am IN LOVE (especially with the makeup mode. Here are some pictures I have taken to show you guys! (I was not even wearing an ounce of makeup in the last picture! Gotta love makeup mode!!)

I have yet to try out the other functions, but I will in due time and include more details on the camera in my upcoming review, so you guys can stay tuned for it. One of my favourite features of the camera is actually the frame, because it allows me to fixate the camera where ever i want without having the need for a stand. Another function is the motion sensor, which allows me to snap pictures without having to touch the camera (super convenient for mask reviews!) so you all can learn about that shortly (;.

Want to get your hands on one of this?
Like Casio Exilim Singapore and tell them why you deserve to win the TR150 in less than 250 words. Contest starts 9 April and there are 2 of these babies to be won!
a) 1 x TR150 for participation (based on Casio's judge 60%, votes 40%)
b) 1 x TR150 for voter (based on random selection)
For more information on the contest/voting process, check out Casio Exilim Singapore's Facebook page starting 9 April! (:


  1. Oh! I really wanted this camera when it came out, but i decided to wait a little so the company can put improvements on it. I'm glad you like it!

  2. @행복해요?
    If I'm not wrong this camera is already an improved version of the TR100 (:. It's pretty awesome! :D

  3. ok, i dont want an iphone now... i want this one!


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