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Sunday, April 29, 2012
Hey girls! Sorry for the long hiatus, haven't been inspired to write lately so I've just left my pictures and posts piling up! Will try to clear them over the next few days so that I can have more free time with the boy during his block leave coming up next week :D.

I will also like to take a little time to thank you guys for your votes for the Sasatinnie 34th Anniversary Celebratory Look contest because I've been informed that I've emerged as the winner! Hope you girls are also able to win some stuff for yourself~

I know I have a lot of posts to catch up on, so please bear with me and wait a little long for any reviews I've previously promised, or any stuff I've expressed that are sponsored for me to review~ Today's post is going to be on my new hair colour! This time i got it done by my hair sponsor - Shunji Matsuo @ 313.

Goodbye black roots!!

I wanted a darker colour because blondish colours seem to wash me out and i felt that darker colours complimented my skin tone better. Tsuriki previously dyed a pink brown colour which i thought looked really good, but the salon didn't have pink dye, only purple - So i went with purple brown instead. It's not acutally purple, but brown with purpleish undertones. The dye itself actually looked purple though!

Say hello to my freshly dyed hair~

I liked that Caely really took her time to do my hair slowly, making sure each and every strand of hair was coated with the dye. She was quick to give me suggestions with the dye and was so gentle with my hair! My hair was definitely in good hands :).

After the dye, I also got an Arimino Caretrico treatment done there.
Arimino Caretrico is a specially personalized treatment that is formulated to suit and treat individual hair conditions, repairing damaged hair conditions such as dry and brittle hair, frizzy hair or fine hair. Providing deep moisturization and nutrients for hair, it delivers a smooth shine and finish in the restoration of healthy, soft and shiny hair.
(From www.shunjimatsuo313.com.sg)

My hair was first sprayed with this (Step 1) to prep my hair for the treatment.

Following that, Step 2 got pumped into the treatment to give it a boost in damage repair and rehydrating the hair.

For optimal absorption, my hair was steamed to allow the hair folicles to open up to "reveive the nutrients".
After the steaming, I got my hair rinsed in cold water to ensure that all that goodness is locked in. My hair was soooo smooth after the treatment i couldn't help but keep running my fingers through my hair.

Left the salon with gorgeous looking hair!

After i permed my hair, I noticed that my hair has the tendency to tangle much more than before i permed it. After the treatment, I realised that my hair stoped getting tangled during shampooing and I was over the top!
Caely also passed me a few products so that i can maintain my hair colour, and I have been loving the products so much! Will definitely let you guys know what it is when I take pictures of them, and possibly a review as well (:.
Check out Shunji Matsuo @ 313's Facebook Page and give them a call up for more information! (:

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