March Updates!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts recently.. I'm back to otaku mode (~_~) and haven't been getting into the mood to blog. Also been lacking inspiration, boo! So anyway, today's post is just on some little updates in my life, since this is nonetheless my personal blog~

So last week, I finally got my hands on an iPhone 4s (I know I'm slow!!!) because a plan finally cleared up for me to recontract~ So I'm now part of the iPhone family hahaha.

I got the White one because I prefer to way it looks. Thanks to everyone who answered my previous queries on getting my iPhone!

The battery consumption is really big, so B got me a portable charger as a monthsary present. He refused to let me pay even half, boo ):. But still, the charger is nice (hot pink!!) and I'm really liking it. Thanks bibi!

I got this as opposed to the usual square type with many designs is because they seem to spoil easily. Everyone I know that used that charger always had problems with the jack loosening, so i bought this other type because I saw Tsuriki using it~

B and I went out for a date the other day to catch a movie, and we went for Strictly Pancakes before the night show. I always have the same food there because I'm a really picky eater!

And, if you're wondering.. the movie we caught was The Lorax. Poor boy always gotta watch animated movies with me hahaha.

Quite and oh-kay movie, but definitely for kids! Story line was so-so, but it was cute (:. Relatively short as well, probably around 80minutes long?

Bought a pair of Dollywink 14's and am loving it so so much. It feels so comfortable I'm tempted to buy somemore :P. It's the new collection and I got the 14 thanks to Himeko's aka TBTS recommendation. Lash fanatics should really check out her reviews on lashes... and drool over her collection!!

Since I have my iPhone now, I am also on Instagram! Username's yijingtan if I'm not wrong (:. Am thinking of adding a photo widget to the blog as well....

And for the most exciting piece of news for me this month... I'm getting sponsored! My hair sponsor is going to be Shunji Matsuo, and I will be getting my hair done at the 313 branch from now on~ If you don't remember, it's where i got my hair permed! So you guys can expect more updates/posts/reviews regarding getting my hair done there! (:

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