Naruko's Tea Tree Oil Out Travel Kit

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Judging from the title of this post, I'm sure you guys already know what this post is going to be about, that's right - Today I'll be reviewing some of the products from Naruko's Tea Tree Oil Out range. (They have various bundles for the Tea Tree Oil Out range here so you can buy the best fit for your skin type/condition.)

It has already been long established that Tea Tree is a very effective ingredient to use to combat acne related problems because of it's anti bacterial properties, as well as the cooling effect it gives to sooth the skin, so no doubt this range is to target Teenagers or anyone with acne prone skin in general.

The following products are what was sent to me a few months back.

Tea Tree Oil Out Peeling Gel
Tea Tree Oil Out Night Gelly
Tea Tree Oil Out Targeted Treatment
(P/s: These are all travel sized tube/tub/bottle)

Since people with acne troubled skin can't use scrubs (they usually aggravate the skin too much and cause more acne to pop up), the Tea Tree Oil Out Peeling Gel is a pretty good alternative for them to get rid of the dead skin on the surface of their skin, while still being gentle on the skin.

Not only that! It also cleanses the pores deeply to get rid of clogged/enlarged pores as well as blackheads and prevents inflammation.

The peeling gel is a thick gel substance, which works similarly but is thicker in texture as compared to other exfoliators that I have used before (Think: Cure/Detclear), which is all good because it does make it less messy to use as compared to the runny textures the above mentioned.

Instructions are really easy as well. Just simply apply a light layer onto your skin in a patting motion, and leave on for about 10~20 seconds, before rubbing it off in circular motions and then rinsing off with water.

The afterfeel of the peeling gel is really refreshing as well as mildly cooling, which will definitely be great for those who likes to feel refreshed after washing their face.

For targetted areas, you can use the Tea Tree Oil Out Targeted Treatment.

Simply apply this on specific spots or areas (pimples, black/whiteheads) and you can reapply 3~4 times throughout the day.

Make sure to shake the bottle well before applying! What I really liked about this product was that it has a cooling feeling after application, a sort of mint/menthol-ish feeling which seems to lessen the irritation of the blemish spot. It also contains salicyic acid, which we all know is very effective with acne prone skin as well.

Lastly, complete the regiem with the Tea Tree Oil Out Night Gelly.

Just like the previously reviewed White Morning Yoghurt, the texture of this Gelly is simply amazing. Light and liquidy on the skin, yet mositurizes and controls oil well. This is definitely a star product for me! I really can't stress on how much i love the texture of this~

The Gelly leaves a light and silky, velvety, and smooth after feel on the skin, and my skin feels cool and taunt after application. Not to mention that it absorbs very well and quickly.

The 3 products all have the generic Tea Tree smell, which doesn't bother me. In fact, I quite like it because it smells rather like a natural pick-me-up.

The above mentioned 3 products are available at (You can check with them or Watsons whether they have stocks for this in Watsons stores as well.)

Disclaimer: I was merely sponsored with the products to review and I am in no way influenced by Naruko or any other external sources regarding my thoughts and reviews.


  1. is this travel kit still available anywhere?

  2. @Jen
    I'm not too sure, you can check it out on Naruko's website :)


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