Peripera Wonder Talk Lip Balm

Friday, March 16, 2012
If you've read my post on Alexis Magazine's website on How to get Baby Soft Lips, you'd have noticed that one of the products I mentioned was this - Peripera's Wonder Talk Lip Balm.

I actually got this quite awhile ago and wanted to use it immediately, but never got to do so until recently because as you can see, it has such a beautiful design such that I held myself back from using (and destroying) for quite a long time! The lipbalm is housed in a beautiful lace print tint and the interior contains 2 different colours of lip balm, one forming the shape of the lip and the other surrounding it.
The tin comes with a magnetic pin-ish applicator, which i found really handy because I won't need to dig my fingers into it (especially if my nails are long) or bring out a separate lip brush.

The balm has the consistency of a sticky gel (but doesn't feel sticky on the lips) and glides onto the lips quickly, providing a light tint as well as moisturizing the lips. A lip tint + lip balm in 1! The left swatch is of the outer colour, whereas the right swatch is of the colour of the 'lips' in the balm tin.

Like I mentioned before, this is my go-to lipbalm when I'm heading out because of the natural and moisturizing nature of the lip balm - but don't just take my word for it: Peripera's Wonder Talk Lip Balm has been featured in various magazines such as Alexis, Women's Weekly, Seventeen, and Teenage! It retails for $8.90 (If I remember correctly), and is available exclusively at Watsons.

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