Lip Smacker Soda Caps

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Last month, I received a parcel from Lip Smacker about their new launch product. I always like receiving products from their company because (I think i mentioned this before) they're always so beautifully packaged and usually with a theme.

The theme this type round is "The Good Old Days".

Remember how before the technological age, we'd use to run around our void decks playing catching, with marbles, paper balloons, or that furry thing you see in the picture and how our parents would let us have a nice cold glass of our favourite soft drinks??

Lip Smacker has collaborated with Coca Cola to bring a piece of the past to the present, with the Lip Smacker Soda Caps! (I remember how my sister really liked to drink the Coca Cola that used to be in the glass bottle)

The caps look so cute right??

Honestly speaking, I wasn't (still am not) a big fan of super gassy drinks so i never did like coke, but if i had to choose I usually drank Pepsi, Sprite or Fanta. All lip glosses smell just like the drink, and has a slight taste of the drink as well, lol! I find that the Coca Cola one smells EXACTLY like that fizzy cola sweet that i used to buy every new year.

The colour for the glosses are nothing like what's shown as well. Each of the lip gloss is colourless, and the sheen is different to that of a lip gloss as well. I'd more likely categorize it to be a lip balm because of it's moisturizing properties as well.

See how it's just a very light sheen?

This was a swatch of the Coca Cola soda cap by the way..

Personally, I really hate yucky lip products that tastes really gross, so this is really a pleasant surprise - to some point. Imagine tasting a burst of sweet soda-goodness everytime you lick your lips, yum! I could live with that, hahah. Lip Smacker Soda Caps is available at Watsons, so do go check it out if you're interested.

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