Clear Blue Facial @ The Sloane Clinic

Sunday, June 17, 2012
A good while back, I was invited by Sharon from The Sloane Clinic to give their Clear Blue Facial a try. I had my appointment booked at the Marina Bay outlet, and the clinic was fairly easy to find (Same row as where Harley Davidson is).
I first went to the reception to let them know about my appointment and shortly after that I was brought to a room along the hallway to have my consultation with Dr Melvin. You may remember him from this post.
The consultation was a brief one, just a brief skin assessment and a rough briefing on what the entire procedure will consist of, and the likes. It was quick and good for those who wants to know more about the stuff that's going to be on their skin and the treatment that they're gonna be doing.

After that, my therapist lead me to another room where I'll be having the facial at and provided me with a bathrobe for me to change into. The room had dim lights and had some soft jazz music playing, definitely a plus point for those who like to doze off during their facials. (I would too if i didn't have to take pictures/remember the procedures!)

The facial began with a cleansing with their Pineapple Enzyme Scrub to remove the dirt/sebum and any makeup on the skin. This scrub smelled sooo good! It was a very refreshing yet soothing smell.

After that,  this was the Deep Sonic Cleansing. I had my ears plugged because this uses a vibrating machine to loosen and dislodge the clogged pores, for a deeper cleansing. There wasn't any irritation or discomfort on the skin when using it, just that the high-pitched sound was more apparent nearer to the ears.
All the dislodged dirt that was hiding in my pores!
I-Clear Blue light therapy was used on my skin after that, for its anti-bacterial and pore-shrinking effects to clear out skin. Here's the machine that was used to administer the treatment. My eyes were guarded prior to using the machine.
 As the finishing step, an Apple-Based enzyme peel was applied to my skin for its gentle fruit acids to clear out the pores further. Following that, Acne Collagen Mask to soothe, calm and purify further.

My skin was a little red after the treatment so my theraphist applied some skincare products on my skin as well as Sloane Clinic's very own BB cream - my skin looked so much better and glowier when I left the place.
 For those who needs to head out after their facial, they have a fully-stocked makeup table for you to touch up your makeup as well!

After the facial, I could see my skin clearing up even more over the next couple of weeks, and I get less breakouts as compared to before. With regular treatments, you'll see your skin clear up a whole lot more. If i remember it right, the package deal for was that if you were to purchase 5 sessions you'd get 1 free.

 The Clear Blue Facial costs S$200 for a 60 minute treatment. For more information, check out their website and Facebook Page.

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