CandyDoll Cheek Colour in Peach Pink

Saturday, June 16, 2012
In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I was sent a few CandyDoll products to review, and today I'll be reviewing the CandyDoll Cheek Colour in Peach Pink.
At first impression, I really liked the packaging of the product. The brand puts in so much effort to add little details to amp up the cute factor of their products, it is hard not to fall in love! The blush is easy to open and since it comes in such a small pan, bringing it about in your makeup pouch is definitely no hassle at all. What really amazed me about this blush was how finely-milled the pigments were - such that when i wanted to capture it with my camera, it couldn't focus at all!

Peach Pink is actually a pretty light colour, lighter than what you'd see in the pan so the colour might be a little too light to show up nicely for those who are tanner. It is a little too light for me so I currently use this as a highlighter to add a healthy sheen/glow ontop of my usual blusher.
The powder glides on the skin well and stay on for a good period of time. However, it works better with brushes as compared to puffs and fingertips. If you want to see how it looks like on my skin, you can check out this post for the pictures. I will be posting up the review for the CandyDoll Face Powder soon and that is my ultimate favourite these days, but i shall keep it brief and let you guys know more about it when my review's up.

Joining the existing range of blushers this season is CandyDoll's Shading Powder and the new Cheek Colour in Flamingo Pink. Both products are beautiful colours that will definitely help you enhance your features!

The CandyDoll Cheek Colour retails for $25.90 while the Shading Powder will retail for $29.90 and is exclusively available at Watsons. Check out CandyDoll Singapore's Facebook Page for more information and updates on their products.

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