Got pimples? Fret not, with Garnier's Pure Active 2-in-1 tinted roll on

Friday, June 15, 2012
Being a teenager, one of our worst enemies has got to be pimples. I seriously dreaded going out whenever i have pimples because I have to make one of the toughest decisions ever - whether to conceal it or to heal it. With pimples, the last thing you'd want to do is pile on more makeup on it and worsen the condition of the already inflamed pore.

I was invited to an event at Once Upon a Milkshake by the wonderful staff from Huntington Communications for the new 2-in-1 tinted roll on. (That aside, I went back with a generous amount of Garnier products - including a couple of Garnier Men products for the guys which I may talk about in another post)

I've tried using pimple creams that claims to cover the spot while treating it, but the problem was that the coverage was never enough, or that the colour was waaaay off (usually too orangey). Garnier launches their 2-in-1 tinted pimple roll on to help effectively solve pimple problems!

For those of us, (like me until the launch event) I'm sure we don't know that Garnier is actually a french brand, and Singapore is the first country in Asia to have this product launched in the market. The roll-on feels refreshing and cooling on the skin, reducing the swellness a little bit as well. The colour of the roll-on comes from BB pigments (and is made to suit most skin tones), and is non-comedogenic so you won't have to worry about the condition of the pimple worsening.

The shade of the roll-on suits my skin tone well - it looks a little light at the start, but oxidises to blend into your skin tone thanks to the BB pigments. Also, this product is easy to use, and provides wonderful coverage; just roll-on, blend out the edges, and you're good to go! Although this product is seemingly a dream, I noticed that the staying power of this product isn't as optimal. I found that the coverage wore off as the day went by, but thankfully the reapplication is as easy as 123 - dab on, leave on, and blend.

Here, I used it on a mole I have on my hand and as you can see the coverage is really decent. The roll-on, however, isn't meant for use as regular concealers so it doesn't cover out the dark colour of the moles as well - but works brillantly to correct any redness from pimples.

The Garnier 2-in-1 tinted roll on retails for $22.90 at Watsons and major departmental stores.

Want to win some Garnier hampers ad shopping vouchers? Here's a little mini game Garnier has come up with - Anne has gone into hiding due to her pimple problems! Find Anne and with great prizes~

Visit Garnier Singapore Facebook Page to find out more!

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