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Saturday, June 30, 2012
Mary Kay launches new skincare link that harnesses the power of Mother Nature in the four-step Botanical Effects Skin Care range. I was invited to the launch a while ago back at the Mary Kay office and today I will be reviewing the range for the Normal skin type.
The range has 4 different products, and each range can be separated into 3 different regiem for Dry, Normal, and Oily skin types. Each of the products come with a Mary Kay seal so you don't have to worry about buying a product that has already been opened before.

Just like any other skincare regiem, the first step will definitely be to cleanse the skin. Mary Kay's Botanical Effects 3-in-1 Cleanse ($34) cleanses, exfoliates, and freshens the skin in one simple stepy to remove impurities and reveal soft and smooth skin.

Personally, I really like this cleanser for the fact that it leaves behind a film of moisture after cleansing, and leaves the skin nourished and feeling supple. The cleanser contains very fine particles to help to gently buff and exfoliate the skin. The only thing that i dislike about this is the way the product dispenses. The cleanser cream-based but is quite runny, and the method of dispensing is by squeezing it out at the bottom of the tube. It's hard to control and leaves the opening of the product quite dirty (something that irks my OCD). I apologise for the lack of picture to visualise this point but i hope you guys get what I'm trying to say here.

Following the cleansing, is the toning aspect. Toner helps to contrict your pores after cleansing. Mary Kay's Botanical Effects Freshen ($34) removes excess residue (after cleansing) while restoring the skin's natural balance.
It takes me about 5 to 6 pumps to dampen the cotton pad well enough to pat it onto my face. It absorbs well and leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth. I especially liked that it came in a slim bottle because it's easy to grip and doesn't take up too much space on my vanity.

After toning, it is essential to replace any lost moisture back into your skin to prevent your skin from getting dried out or creating more oil. Mary Kay's Botanical Effects Hydrate ($40) nourishes and balances the skin.
Just like the 3-in-1 Cleanse, I really dislike the way this dispenses. The moisturizer has a runny texture and it is very nourishing. A little bit goes a long way. It leaves the skin very well hydrated, but takes a little more time than usual to absorb - especially so if you've over-applied. I like to apply it on my skin and wipe off any excess with a clean (dry) tissue after 5~10 minutes.

For any regiem, you can choose to just stop there..or pamper your skin even more with a mask. Mary Kay's Botanical Effects Mask ($40) does gentle deep cleansing and revitalises as it restores balance.
This is actually my favourite product in the range. The clay-based mask has little exfoliating beads that gentle exfoliates and clarifies the skin when washing it out. The mask glides onto the skin very well, and unlike usual clay masks, this mask doesn't dry up. However, just like the conventional clay masks, this mask takes a while to wash out. After using it, my skin feels nourished and moisturized, as well as smooth, soft, and supple.

All in all, this is a range that really cares for your skin. Even though I sleep in an air-conditioned room, I wake up to fresh and moisturised skin. Contact a Mary Kay independant Beauty Consultant to find the formula and products to make your skin smile @ (+65) 6226 6888.

About Mary Kay
Mary Kay is one of the world’s largest direct selling companies with more than $2.5 billion in annua lwholesale sales worldwide. Mary Kay was founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash with the goal of helping women achieve personal growth and financial success. Mary Kay remains committed to enriching women’s lives, and today more than 2 million people of all backgrounds are enjoying theadvantages of being Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants. Mary Kay’s high-quality skin careand color cosmetics products are sold in more than 35 countries around the world. To learn moreabout Mary Kay, visit or

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