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Wednesday, July 4, 2012
Seeing that it is now Summer (well, it's always Summer in Singapore), The Body Shop has launched their new SPA Fit range of products to help provide a quick solution to those who wants to be "Bikini-ready", think "toned and firm bodies". As I used to be a sportsman, I know how tough it is and how much effort (and discipline) is actually required get and maintain a well toned body but this range of products are helping you take the short cut with their citrus oils and of course caffeine.

I was previously sent the range of newly launched SPA Fit products from The Body Shop to test out and boy were they a joy to use! Not only is it simple and effective, it also allows me to have a spa-like experience to pamper myself with at home. The range primarily consists of 4 products - the massager, scrub, concentrate and massage oil.

I very much enjoy the thought of pampering myself at the comfort of my own home! Also, the entire regime takes merely a few minutes of your time in the morning before work as well as before heading to bed! I like the citrusy scent of the entire range and it's such a delight to use in the morning because it feels very invigorating.

A little table to show you how to effectively use the products.

Step 1 For use in shower.
Products used: Toning Body Massager ($14.90) and Smoothing & Refining Body Scrub ($42.90).
The massager is made of silicon and the 'spikes' of the massager works to stimulate blood circulation, body metabolism, as well as help in firming up the fat cells and skin around the area. At first when I used it, the sensation felt a little weird and the massager felt a little too rough on my skin, but the uncomfortable feeling went away during the 2nd use and on. The massger does leave the massaged area a little red after the massage, but it clears away by the time I'm out of the house.

My favourite product of the range and I'm soooo in love with the scrub because it leaves the skin so smooth and silky after the shower, worked way better than my existing body scrub. Plus, it doesn''t leave my skin feeling dry but nourished and well hydrated. The little exfoliants doesn't only exfoliate, but polishes your skin as well.
My only dislike is that it came in a tub form. As much as it is a very tight shut lid, it is still inconvenient to use in the shower as I'll definitely not dig in with my wet hands in the shower, so what I do is dig up a suitable amount using a plastic spoon and bring it into the shower. That being said, this downside is definitely not gonna stop me from re-purchasing this when I'm finished with it!

Step 2 After-shower care.
Products used: Intensive Toning Concentrate ($34.90), Skin Perfecting Toning Massage Oil ($28.90)
The concentrate comes housed in a slim pump bottle and comes dispensed as a light yellow gel-ish substance. It absorbs into the skin fairly quickly and leaves the skin feeling smooth and hydrated. I like the fact that you can feel that the skin is firmer, but the effect doesn't last for long (probably a day more) if you stop using it, so diligence is a must! It's definitely a quick fix for those who are heading to the beach in a few days and want to have a seemingly well-toned body.
The massage oil is definitely something I'll recommend for those with dryer skin before moving on to use the concentrate. This dispenses as a light yellow liquidy oil and gives your skin that 'luminosity'. You know how those supermodel looks like they have such glowy skin? This gives it that effect and hydrates the skin effectively, but doesn't give that smooth feeling as compared to the concentrate and doesn't absorb as quickly.
Just like the scrub, I'm not a big fan of the dispenser of this product. It makes it hard for me to control the amount to dispense and it drips over the opening and irks my OCD. Again, not a big enough problem to stop me from using it though.

Ending the post off with a picture of the product swatches!
If you're too busy (or just lazy like me) to work out, this might be your solution to getting a sleeker silhouette!
Disclaimer: The products will not actually help you lose weight, but it simply give you a slimmer look and a sleeker silhouette.


  1. Do u look slimmer?
    Does the effects last?
    If u could only buy 1 wat would u buy the massage oil/concentrate

  2. @Anonymous
    My body does have a slimmer silhouette now, and the skin is firmer. The effects last longer if you use them consistently, but of course with controlled diet.
    I'd prefer the concentrate.


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