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Thursday, July 5, 2012
I've always been a huuuuuge lip-care products junkie if you guys don't already know, and today I'm going to share with you girls a couple of new products from Mentholatum's Lip Ice!
Lip Ice (#1 Lip Balm brand in Japan) launches 3 new medicate lip gels with nourishing vitamins and nutritional supplements for healthy, moisturised lips. I was sponsored with all 3 to try out and review, and they certainly aren't disappointing me. At first glance, the products might look the same except for the different colours in packaging, but that's not all that's different. The products each contains different ingredients and vitamins to suit the different lip-types.

Firstly. I like the choice of shades of colours for the packaging because it's not only pretty and simple, but it's very uplifting. Secondly, I'm digging the fact that it comes with a slanted tapered tip applicator rather than a round one, whichs makes it easier for precise out-lining of the lips. Thirdly, the silm tubes makes it easy for me to carry it around. Am definitely putting one at home, one to carry around, and another at B's place.

All 3 gels appear on the lips as colourless gels, and provides a slight lip-gloss like sheen. That being said, all of these taste bitter at the back of the tongue (you won't taste it in your mouth) so try not to put too much to avoid that situation. Also, I wouldn't recommend wearing any of these under lip sticks (just wear it on its own) since it will probably cause the lip stick or gloss to slide about.

#1 Medicated Q10 & Ceramide Lip Gel (Pink/Beige Packaging)
Contains CO-Q10 supplement to reduce the appearance of fine lines and ceramide for suppler, fuller lips.
My favourite packaging of the 3 has to be this. This lipgel gives the most sheen amongst all 3 and smoothens out the lip lines quickly, almost like a quick lip-filler. The Q10 Lip Gel is scentless.

#2 Medicated Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen Lip Gel
Contains Hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture, providing long lasting hydration, and collagen to improve lip texture and elasticity.
This is the lipgel that i wear to sleep from time to time, being in an air conditioned room and all. When I wake up in the morning, some of the dead skin would flake and I would just easily brush them out while brushing my teeth, and then follow up with more lip care products to seal in the silky soft lips.

#3 Medicated Vitamins Lip Gel (Yellow packaging)
It contains 4 essential vitamins (A, B2, C, E) to provide hydration, protection, and repair chapped lips as well as menthol to soothe and refresh lips.
When I first saw the name, I was expecting it to have some sort of medicated salonpas-y smell (thanks to the colour combination which seems so herbal-y) but it actually has a pretty refreshing orange. It has a cooling feeling on the lip but it disperses quite quickly, providing a quick refreshing feeling on the lip, without it feeling 'spicy'. The menthol will definitely cool things down for those who have chapped lips! Among all 3 of the lip gels, this has the thickest texture (not noticable at all, only if you're really trying to compare textures) off the tube.

Check out and "Like" Lip Ice's Facebook page and redeem a trial size LipIce Fruity lip balm.

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