Maybe NS isn't that bad after all

Thursday, July 5, 2012
Okay so it's been about a good 8 months since B enlisted for his national service and when I look back at it now, I realised that him being in army isn't that bad for our relationship at all and it wasn't as bad as i had expected it to be.
Since the very start of our relationship, we've always been in contact with each other and over time, it feels like a very natural thing for me to look forward to his texts or calls, and when we're together we'll spend our time goofing off, going for little dates; when we're in our gaming mode we game from day to night and can even stay online until like 4am. Over time, spending my time daily with him became a habit and a type of lifestyle for me.

Ever since he enlisted about 8 months ago, things had to change. He could no longer be texting me all day long, nor did we have as much time to spend together during his 72 hours out of camp and then it made us both realise how precious our time together is now. In the past when we used to just spend days watching shows/anime/movies together or just training our characters in whichever game we were player, neither of us has ever thought that our time together is precious because of the abudance of it that we had. (Especially after he graduated and i stopped schooling). And thanks to this, we've learnt to cherish each other and the little time we have together now even more. We now spend our weekends spending quality time with each other, filling each other on what we've done, and i find it really sweet that he's interested in my 'career/job' as i go on babbling about beauty products and events to him just because he wants to feel present with me throughout the entire week.

I was expecting that him enlisting will drive some distance into our relationship, only to look back and realise that it has only made us closer and more connected than we were before.
Apart from cherishing our time more together now, it makes me even more thankful to B for everything he's done for me. Despite it being his only time to get some more sleep, he chooses to sleep less than he can actually choose to just to make more time to spend with me, and even goes with me to run small errands from time to time. He's in Brunei now and today marks the 3rd week that he's in Brunei and I can't wait till he gets back!

This marks the end of this post for me, so for those of you whose boyfriend is in the army, why not look back at the things with a more positive manner, and maybe things are actually placing out nicely for you and your relationship as well!~

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