nEbO 5.0 - nEbO turns 5!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
*Update 30th July: 
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Remember how I was telling you guys about the nEbO turns 5 celebration at Downtown East? I attended the celebration with a few other bloggers and we had a pretty good time there despite the hot weather! The girls had so much fun buying stuff from the bazzar held by the NP students and Ju Ann even won herself a $50 capitalmall voucher! If you want to know more... read on!

We went there about 11am, and around the area from Wild Wild Wet to the food section were tons of orange! nEbO ballons and people going around advertising about the crazy bids while the emcee was doing some testings.

There were also magicians around, performing tricks for us! Magicians are so mysterious. I really do wonder how they perform their tricks!

We also got called up to stage to play a game of broken telephone wire, charades style. The host was soooo funny hahaha. Look at him in the 2nd picture!
From left to right: Valerie, Me, Julianna, Ju Ann.

We then headed to the bazzar to do what girls do best.... shop! The NP students had so many booths selling so many different items! I wanted to buy a pair of HW ombre shorts but I was afraid it'd be too big :/.

Ju Ann was so lucky she managed to win some stuff including a $50 capitalmall voucher from the lucky draw!

After that, the emcee announced the arrival of the cast of On The Fringe so we headed over to take a look while the emcee interviewed them, and got them involved in minigames!

Following that.. the crazy bids! The iPod Nano went for even higher than the market price! I missed the bid for the Holga camera though ))):.

Suddenly, admist the crowd... they started singing!! Turns out we were right in the middle of a signing flash mob!! They were singing songs from the nEbO CD~

We left the celebration after a few songs from a few YouTubers. They sounded really good btw!

And, ending off the pictures taken during the event!

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