Little dates

Wednesday, August 1, 2012
Just some random pictures from mini dates with the boy over the past few weekends before he headed over for his Taiwan trip. In no particular order btw.

I really like their Vongole there because they are very generous with their servings. The standard of the food, however, differs from outlet to outlet. The one at JP was my favourite. It's pretty affordable, about $20/pax.


@Genki Sushi
My favourite sushi place as of now! It's not only very affordable, the standard of the food there gives you a run for your money. The average price of a plate of sushi is only $2.30. The Fresh Norwegian Salmon looked so good when B ordered it it actually got me into eating sashimi!! Plus, ordering is done with an iPad and it's delivered via the conveyor vehicles so you barely have to move from your seat, and your order is only prepared when ordered! Major loves!


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