Goodbye Braces!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Hey guys, like I mentioned before, I've already removed my braces! As you can see with the pictures I've taken and posted on social media last week, I'm really enjoying taking pictures without braces... until yesterday when I collected my retainers... clicking it into place was HELL.

My jaw was too small to accomodate all that teeth, thats why I had to extract 4 teeth. My teeth were very possibly one of the messiest sets I've ever seen and I was really glad it took less than the 3 years my orthodontist initially estimated it for.

Anyway, let me guide you guys through my braces journey with a short (4+ mins video) I recorded. Please pardon my articulation and my spams of "um"s, it's my first time talking to my camera!

My retainers are a little like the invisalign aligners, but that I just have one set which I don't need to change out of, the pain was so much for me today I had to pop a panadol ):. The retainers took 1 week to make, and because teeth are bones, they shifted slighty and thus causing the pain. It wasn't a sharp pain, just a sore feeling but nonetheless something I haven't felt for a long time (ever since at least 1 year ago) so I can't get used to it just yet.

Anyways, here are some picture I took after removing my braces (and have been exploiting these set of pictures to death!!), some of which you may have already seen on my social media platforms.


  1. yay happy for you~
    i have braces currently too, so i can understand all the pain you went throught -.-

    nice pictures^^

  2. @ ❥anyajang★
    Thanks dear! Good luck for you getting your braces removed ASAP! :)

  3. Yay congrats~. I had braces too and through your post I can remember the joyce of taking them off :D
    Keep smiling !

  4. omg, you look SO PRETTYYYY!!! :D :D one more awesome feature to add to that gorgeous face of yours! :D

  5. @Margane
    Thanks dear! Yeah, that wonderful feeling of freedom hahaha :D

    Thanks darling <3. Hehehehe, you're too kind! :D

  6. I think your smile today is worth everything you had to go through while wearing your braces. And do keep the retainers on while you still need them. The retainers will help keep your teeth in place because your teeth will still move after you’ve removed the braces. You’re almost there; it’ll be a waste if you give up now.

    1. Aww thanks! Yeah I do keep them and wear them regularly, not gonna let 3 years (and the money) go down the drain!


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