Completeing that "Korean Girl" look

Friday, September 28, 2012
As you guys can probably tell from the title, I've completely run out of ideas of how to title my posts - and I can't just title this post with the colour of my hair because there isn't a specific colour for that, and I'll get to that as the post goes on. Anyhow, my justification for the title is because after I got this hair colour (and my braces removed), I've gotten a lot of people telling me I look like a Korean girl now -which I still don't see how... to the extent that the girl who works at my favourite sushi place (*cough*Genki Sushi) now calls me 韩国妹 which means "Korean Girl" in English.

Look like Korean?? *points at the picture of me over on the left*

So if you guys haven't realised (because of the vauge title), this is another post of me getting my hair done by Caely at my hair sponsor's - Shunji Matsuo @ 313. So this time round, what I did was a change of colour as well as trim chop off a good bit of my hair. I haven't taken off so much from my hair for years now!

If you've forgotten how my hair looked like, here's a couple of pictures to refresh your memory, remember those pink and purple ends~ It now looks weird to me lol~

From my previous experience, I now know how long it can take me to do my hair - especially on a busy day. So I prepped myself with episodes of La Bi Xiao Xin to watch while getting my hair done ehehehe.

And now, let the transformation begin!

This time round I told Caely i wanted a lighter colour, with blonde ends, but I was afraid of the ends looking too dry since it'll be a light colour so I asked her to help me trim off a good lot of my hair to remove and dry ends. Also, because my previous ombres had red undertones, they cannot be removed entirely so my end result would be some pinky blonde which I was definitely ok with. I always leave my hair to Caely when it comes from the shape, layering, and colour because she's professional and always delivers great results!

Because my base hair colour was dyed too dark, Caely had to bleach my hair to remove the colour. What really amazed me was that this bleach didn't sting/hurt at all, and was really gentle on my scalp! It feels just slightly stronger than that of washing your hair with shampoos that contain menthol. Not spicy, just cooling.

Freshly bleached!
My ends were bleached twice so this picture was after the 1st bleaching~

Then Caely applied this Gloss Colour which was actually colourless, and what was amazing about it was that not only was it ammonia free (which makes it better for our hair because it's gentler), it works in the exact opposite way as bleach does - to darken the hair colour. Now you understand why I said it wasn't an exact colour?? After darkening, the colour was such a beautiful shade I couldn't even believe!~ The downside however, is now I have to colour my brows everywhere I go (keep reading to know how I do it).

And... the final result!
I really like the way she trimmed my hair, it has such a nice shape and body now. And how the pale pink streaks peek out of that milky dark caramel colour!

With my wonderful stylist!
Got look more Korean now anot??

*throws in one act sultry picture with un-matchy brows*

Also, I have a lot of people asking me whether or not I've bleached my brows.. the answer is No. The product I use to match my brows to my hair is this product from Majorlica Majorca's Chapter 34 - The Brow and Lash Colourist in BR333. I don't wanna go anywhere without this on my brows now because it looks weird without matching brows + hair colour *points to above picture* LOL. This colour is really versatile and have matched my hair shade when I've had a different light shade too. Comes in 2 colours!

With that, #abruptending101.


  1. @Rebecca, Clara(dblchin), anyajang
    Thanks babes! :D

  2. oh i like your new hair :))
    also the hair of your stylist :)))))

  3. You dont look korean you look like a japanese gyaru. I would know im korean


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