Braces Journy Part (II)

Friday, October 5, 2012
Back with another update regarding my braces. My orthodontist kindly sent me my "Before" and "After" images and when looking at them, i noticed that in my earlier video, I realised that I had pointed out the wrong tooth that I had extracted. Random self-shot image of me to make up for the following shots of my teeth.

Anyway, here are the shots of my teeth, before and after, + a little round up of my braces experience.

From the font



Top row

Bottom row

Over the course of the 2 years and 8 months which I've had my braces on for, I went back to my orthodontist roughly every 6~8 weeks to get my braces tightened. After the 1st year, I no longer felt that my teeth were that sore after tightening, which was all good. Having braces not only solved the problem of my bite (and mild overbite), but it has also made me more confident with myself and my smile.

Like I mentioned previously, I extracted 4 teeth and I actually found a picture of them that I had taken previously.
See that 3rd teeth from the left? It took 2 doctors 30 minutes to pull out (the other teeth took like 5 minutes), and I had to get stitches for it. It you're wondering which teeth that was, it was the teeth that was hidden inside my "tiger tooth" (the one that was growing out from far deeper than the rest of the teeth) on the bottom row. I was given painkillers and woke up with a bloody face and pillow cause of the blood and drooling due to the gaps in the row of teeth ):. Oh yes and if you were wondering, there were a total of about 8~10 shots of anesthetic given and yes they do hurt.

When I first had the braces on, I was having porridge and soft foods for all meals for an entire week, I was given painkillers and some wax to place over the brackets that would cut my gum and at that point of time I was kicking myself going "See la, why so vain? No have to suffer all this shit". One of the most annoying things would definitely have to be food that gets stuck (usually at the molars) and using your tongue to try to nudge the food out endlessly, as well as the wire getting too long at the back (due to the teeth shifting closer) and poking you, causing ulcers/cuts/bleeding. Those, and the fear of having food stuck on the outer portion of the braces (where the front tooth are). OH THE HORROR.

BUT. It was all worth it. Now I wake up looking at my smile in the mirror, and I'm sooo happy! The week I got them removed, B and I had supper at Macs.... When I bit into my first burger since removal...
I COULD BITE FOOD PROPERLY NOW. I couldn't express my happiness and excitement to B (LOL). That might sound a little exaggerated but honestly that was how it really felt!!

Now I'm wearing my retainers and have gotten used to the soreness (+ it isn't really sore when wearing it on now) but it prevents me from snacking which I really love to do at late nights ):. Could be a plus point for those who wants to watch their diets though! The retainers don't restrict me from much stuff except for my articulation at times, as well as only being able to drink plain water with them on, which makes eating out a hassle until you eventually get used to it.

I might do more updates regarding this, but I'll see how it goes :).


  1. One of the most amazing things in the world! Braces! I love my dentist though I had braces 14 years ago~~~ lol

  2. @Kiyora
    IKR. I can't even remember how my teeth used to feel like in my mouth haha.

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