ChocGoji - Chocolate Covered... Wolfberries?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Most of us are definitely already familiar with the usual chocolate-covered raisins or almonds, but chocolate covered Wolfberries (goji berries)?? Now that's a first.
I was sent a few packets of this innovative snack to try out over the past weeks (comes in Dark Chocolate, Sugar Free Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate), and I gotta say I've really developed a liking to them. I've always seen my mum use the wolfberries in soups because of the many health benefits such as supposedly improving your eyesight, but I've never actually ingested any before when I drink the soups.

"Goji berries, also known as wolfberries, have been prized for their large composition of macronutrients. Possessing a high level of antioxidants, essential amino acids and vitamins A and C, the nutritional benefits of the Goji berry outshines fruits such as oranges, cranberries and carrots."

After scanning through the flavours, the first packet I tried was definitely my favourite - Dark Chocolate. For those who have heard of the benefits of dark chocolate but are afraid to try it because they are afraid it might be too bitter, I will definitely recommend this because the wolfberries actually add a hint of sweetness to the snack, and the little seeds add a bit of texture.
I'm not a fan of the chocolate covered raisins but I really like this, I've been seeing other bloggers say that it does taste a little like the raisin ones, but I feel that the wolfberries are drier as compared.

I'm not a fan of the sweeter chocolates so I passed the milk chocolate one for B to try out. He likes it as well, and finished up the packet of chocolate swiftly! Sugar-free has more of the cocoa taste as compared to dark chocolate, but I like it because those with acne problems won't have to worry about the chocolate "feeding" the acne-causing bacteria!
This snack is not only handy to carry about, but also easy to eat and a great snack for every day and everyone of all ages. As such, a picture of me nomming on it (unglamly, at that) while reading manga on the tablet.

Grab a packet and try it out yourself now!~
CHOCGOJI is now available at :
- OG Departmental Store
- Yue Hwa Chinese Products Pte Ltd
- Four Seasons Gourmet Market ( Marina Bay Link Mall )
- NTUC Fairprice
- Cheers Convenience stores
- Cold Storage
- Buzz – Selective outlets
- SPC – Choices

*Products were sent to me for consideration for review, I am neither influenced by external sources to do this review nor am I affiliated with ChocoGoji nor EK Media

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