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Monday, October 22, 2012
I've been trying out a few different beauty supplements lately so expect there to be supplements reviews coming up shortly after this one. Amongst all the supplements I've tried (and am trying), Skinbiotics is one that definitely makes it into my a-list, albeit being a little costly. You may have already seen the commercials for it, with Fann Wong as their ambassador/spokesperson.

Back in June (oh gosh, see how overdue this is??), along with a small handful of bloggers, we were invited to a trip on a yatch to chill and learn about this new supplement. Kudos to the team at one9ninety for making it such an intimate event, I really enjoyed myself on my very first trip on a yatch, and I got to mingle around and meet new friends. We also got to get free consulatation (heh) from founder of Skinbiotics (Dr Tan if I remember, I'm sorry if i get any names wrong!!) by asking him some questions about skin, aging, and the likes. He's really experienced and both him and his wife look so much younger than they actually are!

With it being such an experience, of course I'd cover the event as well. We were asked to meet at One Degree 15 Marina (I hope I remembered the venue right) and I got a lift from Karen to head into Sentosa. We were on the yatch from late afternoon till night, and we got to see a night full of stars, which I've never seen before since I'm very much an indoor person lol. It was simply breathtaking and I would've taken a picture but it doesn't show up on camera. Thank god the weather was great that day as well.

Our captain of the day! If I remember right his name is Richard, he was such a nice and humourous guy!

Animal shaped clouds?

As night fell, the BBQ and presentation started, and we nommed on delicious food while we were given the technical details about the supplement. Following which, we headed to the "deck" (not too sure on the parts of the boat) where we chilled and had chats. We each got to take home a couple of boxes to try, but before I get on with my review, let me introduce Skinbiotics to you.

What is Skinbiotics?
It is a comprehensive nutri-beauty system personalized for individual skin types. All natural, sience-based forumations targets the areas of skin where topical creams cannot reach. Clinically tested with visible results.

Skinbiotics contains their patent essential ingredient "Algaplex", which is a complex blend of compounds including Marine Algae, to
1. Protect against DNA-damage, Photo & UV Damage, and Oxidative Damage,
2. Renew through stem cells to achieve youthful skin cells,
3. Refortify collagen and elastin production, increase hyaluronic acid and,
4. Repair damaged DNA and skin cells.
7X More UV protection: including protection from indoor UV light which topical sunblocks typically don't cover.

There are 3 different types of Skinbiotics Reactiv to suit 3 different skin needs. All of which will cover the basic Collagen & Cellular Regeneration, UV & Free Radical Protection, and Moisturization and Nourishment. Here's a picture I quickly took of the chart with my phone to help you girls (and guys, this is unisex!)

So finally, moving on to my review. I've tried 2 boxes of  Reactiv01, which is 50 days' worth, and here's my review:

I guess you guys already know that I'm a very late sleeper, and have had this lifestyle for about 2~3 years even thought I know this wreaks havoc on my skin. After about 2 weeks into the supplement, I started seeing results. My skin was not only brighter, but I stopped breaking out from time to time due to the buildup of free radicals. My pores were also slightly smaller, making my skin texture more refined. I have the habit of picking at my pimples so I have some dark marks on my face, but it has lightened those marks as well - after just 2 weeks into the supplement (do note that my lifestyle still remained the same).
After a box (about 3 weeks), my skin really started to glow, and the texture was a lot smoother, makeup was easier to apply, and my skin was more hydrated, which made me really amazed at this product! The box after that didn't have as much visible results so I'm guessing it's to be used as maintance. As far as the effect of filling up fine lines, I couldn't judge much since I don't really have 'em to begin with.

The Skinbiotics supplements retails at $138/$148 and is exclusively available at Watsons.


  1. Hi!!!
    Could you tell me where can I buy this product ? I'm from Poland so I think maybe some Internet shop will be the best way....

  2. @Malwina
    Hi dear, I'm not too sure about the availabilty of it online, but you can check with them on their facebook page:

    1. I'm so grateful to get you answer :) thank you for your advice. It's a good idea. I will write on their facebook page. Have a good time and lots of hugs ;)

  3. I'm 33, prone to wrinkles on my forehead, eyes & when I smile. I also have small black spots, pimples, black & white heads on my nose & cheeck area lastly pores too

    I tried many expensive facial products but do see slight improvements. I happen to saw your advertisement on yesterday paper and quickly brought no. 1 at nearby Watson.

    I caught in a difficult situation, as I read the information on the product box and I wonder which is better for me..? No. 1 to buy 2 more boxes OR No. 2 to buy 2 more boxes..? Is No. 2 suitable for me..?

    Please advise ASAP, I thought if buying today. w/o hesitation..!

  4. I'm not working for Skinbiotics so I'm not sure.. I suggest you as an in-store consultant instead.


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