Skin79's BB Cleanser

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
I know it's been a good while since I've posted a beauty review, so I'm back with more to come! Today's review will be on a cleaner which was actually sent to me quite a good while back, which will explain the watermark with my old url. During the period which I received this, I also had quite a few products to try out at the same time, so I tried it quickly and forgot about it ):. Today, I decided to pick it up again when I saw it by my sink counter and I'm here with a review for it.

As we all have come to know, Skin79 is a brand that is known for their wonderful BB creams. I've reviewed 2 of them, and both are amazing ones. Also previously featured in my favourites, was their eyeliner - so I've come to have pretty high expectations for the products from this brand, and I gotta say that this doesn't disappoint. Apart from the pretty packaging, one of the things I really like about Skin79 is that it is an Asian brand. Many non-asian brands do have products suited for the asian markets like Singapore, but I think asian brands still hit the mark more accurately.

Unlike any other cleansers, this cleanser actually doesn't require you to lather it up - it foams up by itself by trapping oxygen particles from the surrounding air - and uses it on your skin. The oxygen helps your skin to look brighter and refresher. It dispenses as a cloudy gel which you are expected to just spread across your skin, then wait to watch (and feel - it tingles) as the bubbles form.

After a minute

After 2 minutes

Look how thick the layer of bubbles are? Also, the size of the particles are really fine!

Following that, just simply massage your face in small circular motions like you would normally do with a cleanser, then rinse and follow up with skincare. As written in the description, it is supposed to be able to remove make up but I've yet to try it. The cleanser is really gentle on the skin, and washes off without a feeling of tightness on the face. Personally, I would prefer a little tightness to indicate when the cleanser is entirely washed off but it feels good knowing that this isn't drying for the skin at all. I would definitely recommend this to people with sensitive/acne-prone skin because of how gentle this is.

Skin79's BB Cleanser is available at Watsons stores islandwide.

*Products were sent to me for review considerations.


  1. The packaging looks sweet :)

    1. Thumbs up for the pump dispenser too!

  2. whoa thats so cool how it bubbles up like that
    Please try it to remove makeup and let us know if it is any good!

    1. Just did! Removes light make up but personally I would still prefer using this as a cleanser after removing makeup just to make sure I don't have any more make up on my skin by the time I'm sleeping :)


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