Sogurt and Sofries @ The Star Vista

Sunday, November 11, 2012
The other day, I was invited to go to Sogurt to try out their froyo (frozen yogurt) and a new addition to the Sogurt brand- Sofries, at their new outlet at The Star Vista (next to Buona Vista MRT). I brought tbts with me to chill there while we were nomming our night away.

Of all the froyo's there are now in Singapore, I have yet to try Sogurt's until that day - and boy am I sold. The froyo is delicious and comes in more flavours than the conventional ones.
My favourite was blueberry acai~ Really looking forward to bringing B there to try the chocolate one because I tried it and it really does taste very chocolatey - which I'm sure chocolate lovers like him will love! Notice how each "station" has 2 flavours but 3 dispensers?? The middle dispenser actually dispenses a mix of both flavours!

Having your cup of Sogurt has never been easier. Here are the quick steps:
1. Pick the desired size of your cup and dispense your selected flavour(s) of froyo. ($3/100g) Get the bigger cup, put a lid on it- and you have a take home tub!

2. Add toppings. (From fresh fruits to marshmallows! I highly reccomend the yogurt [and the other flavoured] bursts!)

3. Weigh your cup.

4. Pay and dig in!~

After the froyo, we also got to try out their new brand, Sofries' products. As the name suggests, you'll be expecting fries - and they come with a great variety of dips!
(Not pictured: Cereal fries. They're super crispy and yummy but a little too sweet for my liking. Those who like sweeter food can give this a try!) I put an asterix at the chicken karaage because it was so damn yummy. I'm craving for it already! Must must must try!

Want to try both? Here's a promo to celebrate their new branch opening!

Thank you Sogurt for inviting us to head down to try out the delicious food and Natalie for your warm hospitality!

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