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Friday, November 9, 2012
A couple of months back, I was invited by dear Charmian to the launch of Senka and Ma Cherie in Singapore. She will be the one managing these brands so she's really excited to launch them in Singapore, and I was happy to have been a part of the launch at Octa Hotel and to try out the products before they were released into the market. Of course, the only reason why I'm writing this is because the products were satisfactory and I'm here to share more about it with you ladies.

Ma Cherie
(I left out the hair fragrance in the picture for Ma Cherie)

"Ma Cherie" actually means "my sweetheart" in French, and this range of hair care products are inspired by it's name - and the line cares for your hair in the most luxurious and sweet way, for a romantic fragrance that lingers through your silky soft hair. Products contains ingredients like champange, honey, and inostiol.

Apart from the beautiful packaging which is just a joy to look at - I mean really, I would just be happy to have the empty bottles in my shower because they're so beautifully packaged - one of the thing that captures me the most about this is the wonderful fragrance of the entire series of products. They all smell the same which omits for you worrying about whether or not different fragrances will clash.

The full series contains of 19 products, separated into 2 lines, "Moisture" and "Air Feel". There are also products like a hair fragrance to counter odours lingering in your hair (say, the smoky smell after a BBQ), frizzy hair/bed head, as well as post treatment hair oils and leave in conditioners. Prices ranging from SGD$8.90 ~ $20.50.

With top notes of fruity scents like rose peach and ruby grape fruits to bottom notes of musk and amber (to name a few) it's such a delightly floral fruity sensation to go through, and you get a slightly different yet complimentary scent from while you are showering till after drying - just like you would with perfumes thanks to the top, middle, and base notes of the scent.

What I got to try:
Moisture Shampoo ($11.50)
Moisture Conditioner ($11.50)
Aqua Dew Energy EX ($16.90)
Hair Fragrance ($16.90)

I liked that the products dispensed through a bottle with a tapered opening because it prevents the products from dripping to the side - which is a pet peeve of mine. Also, it allows for easier control of the amount of product you want.

The shampoo lathers very well but I would prefer the conditioner to be a little more nourishing, but nothing to fuss about. The Aqua Dew is very light in texture and absorbs into the hair very quickly to leave a nice sheen and helps with dryness.

I have yet to try the hair fragrance but it'll probably come in handy soon since christmas is nearing and there's bound to be a BBQ/party coming up :)

"SENKA - The skincare made for you". 

SENKA believes that the presence of their customers is fundamental to the creation of SENKA products, and for that very reason, the SENKA project team was established.

SENKA promises
1. To thoroughlly research and identify your needs.
2. To create innovative products by adopting a fresh development style and applying advanced technology.
3. To sell only safe and trustworthy products made in Japan.
4. To focus on product quality rather than packaging frills.
5. Products will be kind to the environment.

SENKA consists of different lotions from 2 lines (moisturizing and whitening) for different skin types, to cleansers, makeup removers and sunblocks, ranging from SGD$12.90 to $18.90.

What I got to try
Hoshitsu Lotion (Fresh) - $16.90
Perfect Whip - $12.90

Just like the Ma Cherie products, the SENKA products also come with tapered dispenser tips, which I already mentioned earlier that I am a fan of.
The cleanser is something that really tops the list for me when it comes too what I look for in a cleanser. It leaves my skin feeling really soft and moist - and clean - after cleansing as opposed to it feeling tight and dry, and it lathers into the richest and softest foam I've ever seen in a foaming cleanser and using it on your face feels like such an amazing experience. Just look at how thick the Perfect Whip is. The lotion is of a light liquid texture (not as runny as water, but able to hold a droplet well) and absorbs into the skin really quickly to give a soft velvety smooth texture onto the skin. Both products helped me clear out my skin and did not break my skinout.

I am really loving these products and am currently using them alternatively with my existing Hada Labo products. For those of you who feel that the HL products are a tad too expensive for you, you should really give SENKA a try. I'll be heading back down to Watsons to check out their cleansers and sunblocks soon.

Both SENKA and Ma Cherie products are exclusively available at Watsons. Do check with them on which are the outlets that carry the products.


  1. Hihi, thanks for sharing!
    Is Hada Labo or Senka better?

    1. Hello~
      Both products are actually very similar but I find that Hada Labo's slightly faster, but Senka's seem to provide hydration for longer. Both products are very good, and I am still using them alternatively :)

    2. Slightly faster as in? Adsorption?


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