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Sunday, November 4, 2012
In our new age of media, where social media is more influential than it used to be and news are spread more quickly online on websites like Facebook and Twitter, I realised that one thing it has allowed for is not only the faster movement of news and gossips, but as well as for people to spread negativity and hate faster as well as on a much larger scale as opposed to conventional media.

As much as I myself love social media and the fact that it's convenient and I get to access it from the palm on my hand, I really have to say that it brings on a lot of hate because it also makes it easier for Internet trolls to generate negativity anonymously.

With the news circulating online, many will post/comment their own thoughts without realising the further consequences, and sometimes it might spark off someone else to feed into their pool of thoughts and result in a group of trolls formed to feed off and "support" one another in spreading their hate.

Sure there are times when social media is convenient, like the case where actor Nat Ho's father went missing - news were spread around on social media and they got news regarding the location of Nat's dad within a few days. That being said, more than half the time, i noticed that it's negative news (look at the Amy Cheong incident, that NUS Scholar Alvin's blog, as well as the most recent article about a young taxi driver who earned $7000 in one of the month but was misinterpreted via Straits Times) that spread twice or even thrice as quickly - but why?

I understand that people tend to spread negative news more quickly because they tend to be more interesting and 'juicy', but half the time the news doesn't even affect them directly/indirectly. Sometimes I think it really ought to be "If you have nothing good to say, don't say it", but that's something a lot of people don't comprehend. What will you achieve from adding on fuel to the fire?? Can someone please explain their mentality to me?

The reason for this post is because I cannot comprehend this at all. Why must humans be so ugly on the inside and look at others for their worst, but instead why can't we have more news that ignites more humanity in Singapore. I feel that social media is being abused by such people and I for one am rather disgusted by it. I really like social media and the way it has enhanced and improved from convential media, but obviously there are pros and cons to such cases.

With that, I end this post here. Food for thought?? I might be writing more posts FFT posts so you guys don't think I'm such a superficial bimbo I'm sure a lot of you see me as hahahaha. Happy Sunday everyone!

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