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Tuesday, December 11, 2012
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Back with another update on my hair colour! If you guys have already seen my before & after picture on my Facebook Page or my Instagram, you would've already known what I've done to my hair.... which at the title of this post already reveals - I went dark. (You can also stalk my Instagram pictures to see the difference in colour from when I went from ombre to light to dark!) I know you guys should be bored of me showing pictures of my dye setting (and me in the steamer while getting my treatment done) so none of that in this post!

It wasn't that I didn't like my previous hair colour, it's just that I wanted a darker colour for this fall so that I can experiment with my makeup more. I personally am really loving the red lips (am thinking of trying a dark cherry colour too) and i feel that with the darker hair colour compliments it better - because my skin/natural colouring isn't all that pale/pink.


I went back to the salon last month and roughly told Caely I wanted to get a darker colour, but still rich and brown.. and definitely got exactly what I wanted. The thing about it now is that when people ask me what my hair colour is... I can't give them an exact answer.

My consultation with Caely these days are basically just me letting her know what I want,  showing her a picture, and her telling (and showing from the chart) me roughly what they can do, and mix the colour for me. So if any of you are interested in my hair colour, make a booking with Caely for a consultation and she'll know what colour you want... because I really don't know the exact colour. My colour is now a rich brown with lavender blonde undertones or something like that.

After (including treatment)

Side by side:

*Tip: Try to show your stylist a reference image for the type of colour you want - because what you see on the charts might not show up the same when on your hair. If you have an experienced stylist like my dear stylist Caely, they will mix the colour accordingly to their expertise to get you the closest match to your desired shade

This time round I did an organic hair treatment which was just recently brought into the salon - and my was it wonderful. My hair was soooo straight, smooth, and soft after the treatment that my mum thought I had rebonded my hair! (Note: the ends of my hair are still sections which has been previously permed, but this treatment totally smoothed it out!).

The brand of the treatment is CUREment and they are an entirely organic brand, using natural ingredients like natural oils and herbs to show some TLC for your hair and nourish it entirely).

The treatment is a 3-step hair treatment and after steaming (after applying step 2), it features an over-the-sink mask for about 15minutes before rinsing off with cold water to lock in the goodies and close up the hair follicles.

Caely told me that CUREment is a really famous brand not only in Japan, but in Korea as well! They even have their own factory in Korea to manufacture the brand for the Korean market.

Also, I'll update on my hair care products (including these new products I just got) soon as well because I know that post-treatment hair products are just as important in maintance as the treatment itself, and that half the time it's because people are not using the correct hair care products thats why their treatment (rebonding, perm, colour) doesn't last as long as it can.

Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313
313 Orchard Road, #03-26, 313 @somerset    
Singapore, Singapore 238895 
Phone: 6238 0226
*Quote "Blogger Yi Jing" for 10% off all chemical services!


  1. may i know how much they dye the hair? :)

    1. I'm not sure, you'll have to call them up or go down for a consultation to know how much it costs. It also depends on your hair length, the type of dye, the dye style, and the stylist :)

  2. how much u dye your hair? :)

    1. I already mentioned in the previous reply about how much it will cost.
      If you're asking how much it cost me to do mine, I'm not sure because I'm sponsored.

  3. Omg I thought you were Taeyeon from snsd when I saw the first picture. Love your skin! So flawless :)

    1. Thanks darling! My skin's not that great actually, it's thanks to makeup mode on my camera :x.


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