Lowry's Farm

Saturday, December 15, 2012
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Had a shoot with ZA x Lowry's Farm for their feature in Jan~March's issue of Watsons' in-house magazine, GLOW, and got to keep one set of the outfits that was shot. It was a 3-piece outfit, and one of the pieces was this puffy fairy skirt that was something that I'd usually not pick up while browsing through clothes - reason being that I always thought that they fit me weird, but since I now own one of these I thought I might as well give it a 2nd try.

Top: Pink Flare
Skirt: Lowry's Farm
Shoes: Bought online
Satchel: Rabeanco

The skirt was high-waisted and came with a pair of safety shorts (which was really handy because the skirt itself is rather sheer). They fit me a little loose around the waist despite it being the smallest size (fml) so I kept it up with my shirt tied at the ends. I was actually pretty happy with the entire look, and it made me feel like wearing this skirt out more often hahah. I'm sure B will like it, he had told me before that he likes seeing me in skirts/dresses but I've been so lazy most days so I'm almost always in shorts.

Ending the post off here! Have a good weekend everyone~


  1. I just found your blog and you are super cute! I love that outfit :) Haha I have the same problem with small skirts T^T

    1. Thanks sweetie! Haha such an annoying problem right! This skirt is 1/2 elastic so it doesn't fit as well as full elastic ones do.. but I don't like the full elastic ones :/. How do you usually get around wearing such skirts then? ^^


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