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Sunday, December 30, 2012
Hey love! So like I mentioned previously in another post, here's my hair care regime post.
(Pst: Comment in the comments section below about any hair(care/style/dye/treatment/whatever) questions you are interested in or curious about and I'll ask Caely on your behalf on my next visit to the salon!)

Being offered a contract with my current hair sponsor - Shunji Matsuo @ 313 was probably one of the best things that happened to me because ever since April this year (and for now till March next year when my contract is set to end), my hair has been in the good hands of Caely and her team at the salon. I know going for hair dying and treatments as often as I do now is not easy because they usually tend to be costly (and out of most of our allowances/pays), but trust me when I introduce you these products to help your salon treatment (and chemical processes) last longer and stretch the money you paid for the processes longer. Of course, this doesn't include slowing down the rate that your hair grows out at which results in black roots showing or your hair going out of shape.

Before I was offered the contract, I actually had been sponsored a hair makeover by Shunji Matsuo @ 313, and Eddie gave my hair a perm about a year ago. Much of the hair has been snipped off now (probably about 10ish inches of hair that was permed is still on my head) and now the curls are still there!! I'm actually very amazed by this because since the perm I've dyed and got treatment done on my hair for so many times but the curls are still there. With a little bit of styling, the curls look superb and really natural. I'll leave styling products for another day (maybe I'll take the chance to get tips from Caely about quick styling tips) because the star of today are hair care products.

I actually filmed a video (twice, at that!) but my camera screwed up both times midway through the videos so I couldn't get it done ):. Will try it again some day and see if it's a problem with the camera.

I am currently using 3 different brands (mainly) for my hair care, and a few other products for my leave-ins. Following products are available at Shunji Matsuo @ 313 unless otherwise stated.

Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313
313 Orchard Road, #03-26, 313 @somerset    
Singapore, Singapore 238895 
Phone: 6238 0226
*Quote "Blogger Yi Jing" for 10% off all chemical services!

Topping my list this year for my absolute favourite shampoo and conditioner (or rather, mask) is..
CUREment Herbal's Repairing Shampoo and Shining Mask.
THE BEST shampoo and conditioner I have ever used, and are my favourites right now and will be for a long time - and trust me, I have used many different shampoos from drugstore brands to professional products, and this really tops the list. Thank you Caely for passing these to me!!!
I can't even begin to exclaim how much I love these. Besides being an entirely organic brand (which uses all natural oils and ingredients to nourish the hair), these products smell amazing and does a wonderful job of (as the products are labelled to do) repairing and giving my hair that beautiful healthy shine.
Unlike conventional shampoos, the repairing shampoo actually has a serum-y appearance and texture to it but still lathers up amazingly well. It lathers into a very smooth and soft lather, and is one of the few shampoos that I've tried that makes you hair nice and smooth and soft and supple - even before conditioner.
Also for the mask (used as conditioner), the texture is different from conventional ones as well. It's not as creamy and thick as I've been accustomed to having my conditioners/ hair masks, but it does a wonderful job with smoothening out the hair. Like the shampoo, it goes on very smoothly and a pump is enough for my entire length of hair.
I'll recommend these products for..
1. Chemically treated hair (Rebond, Perm, Dye, Bleach)
2. Dry ends
3. Damaged hair
4. Dull hair
5. Oily hair (but go easy on the mask)
CUREment also has a volumising range as well as a scalp cleansing range of products. I'm not too sure about the price point but do check it out at the salon :).

#2 Matrix Biolage
Scalptherapie Anti-dandruff Shampoo
Hydratherapie Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo
Fortetherapie Strengthening Conditioner
I use this range of Matrix Biolage products alternatively with my CUREment ones, depending on the condition and needs of my hair. If I'm going out, I tend to use the CUREment one because it gives my hair a beautiful glow and sheen as compared to these products which are meant to hydrate and fortify the hair. All Matrix Biolage products are suitable for maintain colour-treated hair to help the colours last longer (but they have a specific range for colour treated hair which I was using the maintain my purple hair before I added pink) rather than ones that just wash the colours off from your hair.
The Anti-Dandruff shampoo was passed to me by Caely because my scalp was getting a little flakey. I use this once every 2 weeks to soothe the scalp. It's a very thick, and opaque white shampoo which lathers rather normally. I really find it soothing when I use it on my scalp though - and it has indeed helped with my flaking problem.
The hydrating shampoo is also a favourite of mine. The shampoo lathers super well into this thick, smooth, soft and very creamy lather: washing your hair with it feels like a dream. Again, this shampoo rinses off to smooth and soft hair without tangling, and it feels like it's doing a good job with the hydrating. Smells great as well!
The conditioner is to strengthen hair that is weak and brittle, probably from an overdose of chemicals or hair that is naturally thinner. I don't have such problems but my hair was indeed prone to breakage before using this, and the condition of my hair has really improved. There was less breakage and my hair was springy-ier than it used to be (more allowance before snapping when tugged on). The conditioner isn't of too creamy a texture (about the texture of facial moisturisers) and goes onto the hair very smoothly.
I'll recommend these products for..
1. Colour-treated hair (especially for funky and bright colours!)
2. Flakey Scalp (due to it being too dry or oily)
3. Dry ends
4. Hair prone to split ends and breakage
Matrix Biolage also carries a few other ranges of products. You can check them out at the salon and get a consultation on which products suits you the best :).

Moving on from all the in-shower stuff, here is what my post-shower care primarily consists of for regular days.
#3 Caretrico After Treatment Enrich Milk, Enrich Gloss
The After-Treatment products from Caretrico is a 2 step maintainence range to not only repair your hair, but also help your treatment last longer. On days when I do not use the 2, I notice my hair gets a lot frizzier than when I do.
Enrich Milk is what you'd put on to damp/towel dried hair, before blow-drying. The milk helps to nourish the ends as well as prevent loss of moisture through the drying process. It has the light texture of lotions, and absorbs very quickly with residue so I really like it.
Enrich Gloss is the product you use on dry hair to seal up the hair cuticles and split ends, to give a nice shine and protect against frizz and the weather. Unlike what I'd expected, what dispenses from the tube is actually a string of gel, which quickly melts down into your hands when you rub it on your palm. I usually use half a pump and it goes a long way for and gives the hair a very natural and healthy shine without looking oily.
I'll recommend this for:
1. Post-treated hair (treatment, perm, rebond)
2. Dull hair
3. Dry hair
4. Frizzy hair
5. Oily hair/scalp
Caretrico also offers a range of haircare (in shower) products so you may want to try it out as well!

#4 L'Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil
Love love love this to death! This is like my all-in-one miracle oil. You can use this on both damp and dry hair, and it not only nourishes, shines, and heat protects, but it also helps to keep frizz and split/damaged ends at bay. A little really goes a long way. Absorbs really quickly without residue as well, but may be a little oily if you use too much of it so do use this in moderation. The oil is very light and smells of uber nice essential oils (some may not like it though, but I'm a fan) that feels very relaxing. I use this alternatively with my Caretrico products because this might be a little oily to use for everyday. Great for people with dry hair - not so good for those with oily hair (or scalp) unless you use a very very small amount. Definitely a good run for you money.
I'll recommend this for..
All hair types except oily scalp/hair.
I actually got this I think last year (2nd bottle now) when I went for the launch event. Loving it ever since. I recently saw this at my sponsor's so they might have it now. If not, they're available at all (not too sure on this) salons with L'Oreal Professionel products :).

Ending the post here. May do an extension on to this post with my hair styling products~ Can't wait till 2013 approaches!


  1. Wuhu~ Expensive........ :( Try one at a time I guess~ But thank you for the detailed infos ^^

    1. Welcome dear! Yeah definitely more expensive than drugstore products but worth every penny!

  2. Thanks dear for such informative post! I have dull frizzy hair so hope this would be useful to me.
    Keep posting!


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