2013 with a little bit (well, a lot) of me.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013
I thought I might spam you guys with a little pictures of myself. Yes, this is going to be an extremely narcissistic post but I included the boy as well... (in like 4 pictures)

So one of the days last week I was all dolled up (mainly for the purpose of staying home to sit in front of my ring light to take pictures... how sad right?) so I decided to take a few shots and add them into a separate blog post than i originally intended for (even changed a few outfits wtf). I've been exploiting my new favourite Oxblood sweater from Lowry's Farm because it's soooo comfy and keeps me warm in this cold weather these days - not to mention that the colour and the sweater itself is pretty amazing.

You'll see more of the shots in a few days (the ones for the blog posts, that is).

This pleather rocker dress is from a blogshop that has yet to launch that I've recently shot for. I'll definitely link it when the shop launches because the clothes are pretty exciting! Some of you may have already seen the other dress on my Instagram page. If you need a daily (or like every other day) dose of me, that's your place to go and witness my narcissistic self in action.

Starting off the year with a goofy picture of the boy (he's gonna be 22 this year so I guess I can't call him a boy for much longer) and I - so that any pictures following this will look amazing.
HAPPY 2013!
What are your New Years' Resolutions?

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