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Wednesday, January 2, 2013
2012 feels like it went by fairly quickly for me, just like any other year, and it feels like just a couple of days back when B just entered into his 9 month course at OCS. Today, I look back and try to think of some of the things I've experienced this year.

I didn't include any pictures in this post but there are links to certain blogposts for you guys to walk back into 2012 with me :).

Got a job with Alexis Magazine as one of their pioneer bloggers (Thanks for Keidi for the recommendation!)
This allowed me to continue what I enjoyed doing, and I got to meet new people from the media when I attended events on behalf of Alexis Magazin. It has not only widened my horizon to the various brands, products, and people, but I also got to make new friends during my journey with Alexis Magazine.
Alexis (the editor) was a wonderful lady and she didn't look down on me due to my lower-than-normal level of education (I didn't complete my O's, and so my highest form of listed education was Secondary 4) and so I'm very thankful to her for picking me and giving me my very first job as a Blogger. She never rushed me for delays in any posts and has always been nice and understanding towards my shortcomings. Thank you, Alexis.

Passed my 3rd year mark with my very best boy. He's been such an important person in my life and gives me a lot of support. You guys have seen him on the blog and my mentioning of him so many times, I'm guessing he doesn't need to have more said.
Tried a beauty gadget - Talika Cream Booster- that used light waves to improve the efficiency of skincare products. Very very interesting, and I'm still wondering how light theraphy really works.

Tried a CoolSculpting Treatment with Sloane Clinic - but stopped 10 minutes into the treatment cause I was too skinny for it ):. Pretty cool experience though. Definitely something I'll try if I do get fat enough in the future lolol.
Went for an Aromatheraphy and Makeup Workshop which was really quite interesting. I've previously learned about aromatheraphy from another workshop I attended in 2011, but the makeup part was really fun!

Started my sponsorship with Shunji Matsuo @ 313!! (Posts here) Thanks Caely and team!!
Got my first sponsored tech-gagdet review! Casio's TR150!! It's been one of the best reviews I've ever gotten to do, super loving this camera and am still using it now. (Posts here: 1, 2)

June (skipped May cause there wasn't anything much to mention)
Tried rainbow lids (I don't usually wear much eyeshadow - and usually when I do it's neutral colours) and wore it out for the first time to an event.

Turned 18!!
Purple Dip-Dyed my at Shunji Matsuo @ 313
Did a review for The Body Shop's SPA Fit range and was featured on The Body Shop's website as well as in their stores.
Got eyelash extensions but didn't get to blog about it.

Added pink to my purple dip-dye
Tried braiding my fringe. Started Youtube with my very first braided fringe tutorial

2nd experience at Brazilian waxing.
Bought my set of Sigma's Mr Bunny Travel kit from Luxola.
Had a lot of people start telling me I look like I'm Korean.

Otaku mode'd on the blog (Sword Art Online [SAO] and Kamisama Hajimemashita has ended!! T_T)
A little bit of motivation

Tried red lips for the very first time.
Tried Sogurt (and SoFries) for the first time. Which reminds me that I have yet to go back to collect my membership card..
B's commissioning parade - which marked the end of his journey at OCS.
Went back dark for my hair colour.
Wore B's pants out!
2nd video (and 1st makep tutorial) on Youtube for bigger looking eyes.

Held a giveaway to end the year with.
Did a hair show for Shunji Matsuo as one of his models.
Did a photoshoot with ZA x Lowry's Farm for GLOW Magazine.
Blogged about my haircare regime

That's my 2012 for ya - having a blog makes things easier to keep track of things. Looking back at your own 2012, was it a great one? ^^


  1. Wonderful~ And I just rushed home to read this ^^ An accomplished year it has been for you (^,^)

    1. Thanks dear! Yes :D. I hope 2013 is as good or even better!

  2. you're really pretty! and well blogged!
    my sis recommended me to read your blog, saying that i'm same age as you. i've followed yoU!
    you're really a great blogger!!

    from malaysia~

    1. Aww thanks so much sweetie! You have a lovely blog too, keep it up! :)


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